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Ankie Beilke’s latest role

The Hong Kong-based actress tells us about her upcoming film, A Wishing Tree.

Ankie Beilke’s face is a familiar one in Hong Kong. Born and brought up in Düsseldorf, she found fame through her role in the popular TVB drama Line Walker. The Eurasian stunner’s career is a global affair, with several local and international films and TV shows to her credit. This summer, she’s about to mesmerize once again with her film A Wishing Tree, as this cross cultural love story hits 2,500 screens around the region.

Tell us a bit about your role in the film A Wishing Tree.

I play the part of Kim, a lost, agitated art student from Los Angeles. She falls in love with a German guy [played by actor Sabin Tambrea] in Munich and though her life seems perfect, she’s still in search for something. Circumstances lead her to Hong Kong – finally she gets connected to her roots. Kim’s main focus throughout the movie is to find true love.

Ankie Beilke

What were the challenges while making this movie? What was the best part?

The main challenge was working with my mother – who directed the film. She is quite tough when she works with me, highly demanding and has a lot of expectations – which can be good but also a bit tiring!

I loved working with the different production crews throughout the making of this movie; we shot in Los Angeles, Munich and Hong Kong. The energy and work ethic is very different according to each location – but that’s something I learned to adapt with.  With the work I do, you never know where it will take you and what kind of adventure you’re about to have.

Have you ever considered going behind the camera?

I was involved in the script writing and production side of this movie, which was also a challenge for me. I am looking forward to do more of that in the future. I have to thank my mother for this off-camera work – she is a great mentor.

You’ve always said in past interviews that you see yourself as an actress – modeling just happened to you. Do you still feel that way?

I feel blessed to be able to model, but I do enjoy acting and it’s a job that you can do till your old. I love to be challenged and I like to work on different characters; I especially enjoy working with other actors, because I can learn so much from them.

Tell our readers why they should head to the cinema to see this film.

This movie is a journey of love and doesn’t everyone love a love story?! Plus it has the most beautiful shots of Hong Kong, Munich and LA. There are is also an amazing cast that includes Carl Ng, Timmy Hung, Raven Tao, Rosemary Vandenbrouke, Sabin Tambrea, Bill Campbell, Audrey Landers, Dey Young, Michelle Yan and others.