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First Person: Utah Lee

From fashion to fitness, this Hong Kong gal has her hands full.

We first ran into her at a Landmark event where she was posing in a line-up, the cameras catching all her best angles, and the cuts and slashes of her dress accentuating her ripped body. We just had to find out more about Utah Lee.

Lee’s life divides into two fields: fashion and fitness. “I began dance lessons when I was six, and studied fashion growing up. I became a merchandiser, studied pattern-making and then became a designer. I got tired of travelling to China, and after a friend asked me to work for his gym I became an instructor. In 2010, I began House of Style – I design jewellery, kids’ clothing, accessories and furniture, and provide styling services.”

She’s received instructor training in a variety of fitness programmes. “Nike gave me the fancy title of ‘Nike Master Trainer’ – my job entails providing fitness instruction to all walks of life while being the regional and global face for their campaigns.”

Although embracing her role (“I even wore Nike Shox at my wedding!”), she’s nonplussed about “the fittest body in Hong Kong” hype. “I have pressure to be fit,” she says, “but I’ve got past that stage of being the fittest, the leanest. Now I’m at the stage of being a mom of two, over 40 but still kicking ass.”

Her good looks have also bolstered her latest endeavour. “I’m launching lipsticks with Popstar Cosmetics and with Nike,” she says. “One colour is called Utah and the other is Girlboss.”

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