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Five minutes with Georgia May Jagger

The model tells us why she loves Gucci’s new vibe and what she’s learned from her famous parents.

The Brits love their royalty, and it’s not just the Queen, Prince Charles and their brethren we’re talking about. You can add to the list of dynasties hailing from good Old Blighty families such as the McCartneys and the Jaggers, whose descendants run the gamut from fashion designers and photographers to jewellers and established models.

Georgia May Jagger, the 24-year-old daughter of Rolling Stones lead man Mick Jagger and ’80s supermodel Jerry Hall, belongs to that rarefied milieu of celebrity spawn whose connections and good genes have enabled them to become household names.

Walk around London and you’ll notice Jagger’s pout and blue eyes on the sides of buses and the scaffolding of buildings, thanks to her modelling jobs for brands such as Rimmel and Thomas Sabo.

The British model has lately been gracing events in London and around the world bedecked in Gucci’s lavishly embellished and romantic creations. Her relationship with the Italian label, and its current creative director Alessandro Michele, began when he took Jagger as a date to last year’s Met Gala, where she wore a custom-made lilac silk georgette belted gown embellished with Asian motifs.

We met for a chat with Jagger after Gucci’s cruise 2017 show at London’s Westminster Abbey, where she sat front row next to American hip-hop star A$AP Rocky.

Was there a moment you realised that you wanted to work in fashion?

It wasn’t a moment, but I went to a shoot with Mario Testino not really knowing and then I ended up on the cover of British Vogue, but I really thought I was just going in to do pictures for a More Dash than Cash editorial and then they were like, “No, you’re on the cover,” once the pictures were done. In the beginning I didn’t really realise that things were happening until after they happened. It was kind of crazy.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

What I like the most is just that it’s never the same every day. I don’t think I could work in an office where I had to do the same thing every day because I just like meeting these different, amazing people, going to amazing places, getting to wear these amazing clothes, having all these experiences – I love the creativity of it all.

Alessandro Michele's sketch for Georgia May Jagger's dress for the Met Gala

How does your style differ from that of your mum?

I love my mum’s style of dressing but I’m a bit more casual, I’m more London. My mum is more Hollywood glamour.

Is there a lesson you learned from your parents?

I think it’s that life is about having fun, because if we go through every day just being really stressed about our careers or what’s happening the next morning, rather than enjoying the moment that you’re in, life can escape you a little bit. So I think it’s important to appreciate it and know that when something’s happening, it’s fantastic.

How do you feel about London and the fashion scene here?

London Fashion Week used to be really exciting and then it kind of got put on the back burner as one of the less desirable fashion weeks and I think a lot of people stopped showing here. So it’s quite exciting that a show like [Gucci’s] is coming to London because we do have amazing fashion, amazing fashion schools; the up-and-coming designers here are incredible, so it makes it really exciting, but if there’s no platform for them to go to, then …

You walked in many shows as a model and now you’re front row here.

It’s super weird. I don’t actually watch that many shows; this is one of the only ones I’ve ever seen so it’s super crazy for me, and for it to be here in Westminster Abbey. But I liked that the models didn’t walk super fast, because I think that it makes it ethereal, but it’s also super nice because you get to see the clothes. And for me, it was always stressful having to walk really fast. I actually already know in my head what I want to get.

How do you feel about Gucci right now?

I have to say it’s gone from me not really minding that much about Gucci – I’m trying to be as nice as I possibly can – to being like, I actually want to wear it. I’m actively going and buying presents that all my girlfriends want, like the jumpers. And it’s not like the most special things are the gowns – even the jeans actually look amazing and I think that Alessandro has done such a fantastic job with it.

How did you feel when he dressed you for the Met Gala?

I was really shocked because I thought that he could dress anyone he wants, so I was shocked that he wanted to dress me, but I think that he was quite into the fact that I was a bit younger and not so famous. You see that with his models and that’s really refreshing. He doesn’t really care about dressing a celebrity, he just wants to dress people that he likes and he’s just so into the beauty of life and it’s just like unbelievable to work with him and see his whole process. We basically didn’t know each other, so we went out and had a nice couple of hours getting to know each other.

Finally, is there a piece designed by Alessandro that you treasure?

It’s my Met Ball dress. I got to keep it. He lets me keep everything I wear; he’s so kind and generous. I can never stop singing his praises because he really has such a beautiful outlook on life. Family is really important to him and love and things that are beautiful and it’s not just about getting ahead, so I think he deserves everything, you know what I mean? He’s so unbelievably grateful and just wants to make things beautiful for other people, which I think is so amazing.