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10 “Intimate” Questions for Katie Holmes

An exclusive chat with the exquisite Katie Holmes.

At its fourth annual on-ice extravaganza, A Legend of Beauty, Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi treated its audience to a breath-taking show at the Arena di Verona. Among the hundreds in audience were celebrities and stars of all stripes, including American actress, sometime designer and film director Katie Holmes, famed for her role as Joey in Dawson’s Creek, her marriage – and subsequent divorce – with the biggest movie star in the world, and her alleged relationship with actor and singer Jamie Foxx.

In a quiet moment just before the show kicked off, Holmes found time for a quick chat with Prestige.

What brought you from New York to Verona?

Well, I’m a huge fan and I love the sophistication and the elegance of this company. It’s beautiful – it’s very on trend, you can say. What’s great about tonight’s show – what I’m anticipating – is the celebration of the strong female. And how women are so creative and I think it just goes hand in and with this company. And I’m so glad to be here.

Are you a skater yourself?

I am not a skater. I am one of those people that have to hold on to the side! So I really appreciate it and I’m really a fan of ice skating and ice skaters.

In terms of outerwear, what are the three staple things we’ll find in your wardrobe, no matter where you are?

Oh! Let me think … I usually have one piece of denim, usually a pair of tennis shoes and a T-shirt.

Let’s talk about innerwear. They say what lies beneath also says a lot about the woman inside. When it comes to lingerie in particular, would you sacrifice comfort for fashion?

Well, what’s wonderful about lingerie is that it’s more about the woman and it’s for the woman. It’s about how it makes you feel. I’ll always go for something comfortable. Something that makes me feel feminine. Comfort always first.

As we are talking about lingerie, do you like lace in lingerie or just plain cotton?

I love lace. It’s very feminine and if it’s well made, it’s very comfortable.

VERONA, ITALY - OCTOBER 06: attends Intimissimi On ice 2017 on October 6, 2017 in Verona, Italy. (Photo by Daniele Venturelli)
Katie Holmes in VERONA, ITALY – OCTOBER 06: attends Intimissimi On Ice 2017 on October 6, 2017 in Verona, Italy. (Photo by Daniele Venturelli)

The latest campaign has been shot by Mario Testino and it’s about empowering women. You’ve worked with Mario before.

I have. I did a cover of Teen Vogue with him many years ago.

What do you think has been expressed by the latest visuals?

I think that femininity is expressed well through his campaign. It shows when a woman is in charge of herself, she’s powerful.  And I think that we see moments of that in many different ways. For example, I just saw Emma Stone in Battle of the Sexes, where she portrayed Billie Jean King. And I think that’s an example of an empowered woman – an empowered woman [Stone] celebrating another empowered woman [King]. And I know that Agnès Varda just did a film with JR (Faces Places) and it was celebrated at the MOMA last night. And again, it’s an example of a woman who’s so creative, so smart and putting art out there, and we’re celebrating her and that’s very empowering, And the more examples we have of that, the more images we have of smart women being in the spotlight, it only makes all women stronger and more beautiful.

You’ve picked a film from France, but there are so few empowering women’s movies out of Hollywood these days – well, except for Wonder Woman.

Yes, I loved Wonder Woman and they did such a great job, both Gal Gadot the actress and Patty Jenkins the director. It was so empowering and it’s so great to see a woman warrior.

You worked with Ang Lee in The Ice Storm. It was one of your earliest movies and way before Lee won any of his Oscars. How was that experience?

I was so thrilled to work with Ang Lee. He is obviously so brilliant, his influence on cinema is incredible, its everlasting and making that film with him – it was my first job ever, so I learned so much and I appreciate it now even more so. When I look back on it, I appreciate what a really great storyteller he is.

What’s next for you?

I’m getting ready to film a movie called The Doorman, where I play an ex-marine who has to save her family. It’s very powerful role, and I was very inspired by Wonder Woman! And then I have a couple of projects in the works, which I will direct. I directed my first film last year called All We Had, which is available on Netflix and iTunes. And directing is something I really enjoy.

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