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The Gym Buddy

We continue our summer get-fit series with the gym-fit actor James Wong.

In our continuing saga of conversations with some severely healthy people who always seem junk-boat ready, we posit questions to those who’ve perfected the summer body beautiful. Last week, we spoke to Lenka Oshry as she advocated on behalf of Krav Maga and its core-strength-building abilities. This week, we chat with actor James Wong, who hits the gym like a demon possessed, with results to show.


As a working actor, Wong has to fit into the mould of whatever role is thrown his way, be it cop or criminal. In an industry that kowtows to physiognomy above all, looking good is as important as running lines. Wong was that skinny kid in school who buffed up with consistent training, credible goals and a can-do spirit that has served him well. He often trains others and works out with friends – if you follow his social-media accounts, there are updates, easy tips and leading by example. And it’s all done with a sense of purpose and a sense of humour. So we had to ask…


Where do you work out? 

I work out in various places, mainly in the gym, sometimes outdoors in the park (because I can get a tan as well, hitting two birds with one stone).

What’s your workout routine for summer?

My workout routine in summer consists of a lot of compound exercises mixed with HIIT (high intensity interval training). I also decrease the duration of my rest time to ensure my heart rate is always high during the workout.


What are your diet secrets?

I guess I’m quite lucky with genetics. I don’t normally go on a diet, as I have too much love for food (especially in Hong Kong). I’m just careful about what I eat and I tend to choose wisely! But when I do diet there are dramatic results. #dietingworks

On my diet days, I would try to have:

30 percent carbs

50 percent protein

20 percent fats


What have you found worked for you – and what didn’t? 

Stretching and warming up properly before a workout session works exceptionally well for me, because when I do exercises I can increase the range of motion. Changing my training programme to avoid plateaus every six weeks helps too, as I don’t adapt to the exercises.

Training twice a day didn’t really work for me, as I don’t have the energy for it. And it just makes me eat more! More energy needed = more food needed!

What are you craving?!

I am craving Nando’s from England, or at least some peri peri sauce. That’s the bomb!


What are a few great tips for our readers for summer body fitness?

Once you start working out, get into a routine and don’t stop. And always find your sessions interesting to keep yourself motivated. Avoid seeing your workout as a “chore” that you must complete. Just enjoy it.


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