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You Need To Know Priscilla I’Anson

Read all about fashion darling Priscilla I’Anson’s exploits here.

Is it from her work as fashion director on the reality-TV show Asia’s Next Top Model that you know her? Were you at her Pacific Place pop-up, where she showcased her boutique line, PI’A? Or did she personally style you for an event? Priscilla I’Anson wears so many hats, it’s a good thing she’s got a look for every occasion.

“I love having a varied career,” she says, “and I believe that everything I do and all the hats I wear have a positive influence on each other. My work as a stylist absolutely informs my work as a designer. I always say that my approach to design is from
a stylist’s perspective, creating pieces that are designed so that they can be worn and styled in countless ways. This perspective is what makes PI’A unique.”

The fashion obsession was ingrained from frequent visits to Lane Crawford as a child, then interning in the industry and assisting an editor at Vogue Australia (while studying economics to “appease the parentals”). “By the time I graduated, I had three years’ experience under my belt of fashion intern and assisting, and I got a job in the buying department for Lane Crawford Pedder Group straight out of university.”

Once she stepped on to the juggernaut of sartorial style, there was no looking back. Setting up her own line seems almost inevitable (she was 27 when PI’A launched), while facing off with brands all competing for the same: retail real estate and fickle customers faced with innumerable designer choices.

“I don’t ever think of myself as ‘competing’ with anyone else or any other brands,” she says. “I don’t think that’s a healthy way to run a business. I know it sounds strange coming from a stylist, but I’m super anti-trend, but very pro-personality. I’m all about personal style.”

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