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FoodMeUpScotty’s Balancing Act: Food vs Gains

Hong Kong food blogger Anthony Clark reveals his secrets to staying fit while dining at the city’s best restaurants.

Anthony Clark is a juggler. He plays many roles; author of, HSBC’s Head of Global People Experience and beyond that, a true fitness addict. The name FoodMeUpScotty is thrown around regularly when talking about food – his brutally honest opinions and restaurant reviews make him a favourite. Unbeknownst to most, this gastronome has a killer workout regime that keeps him trim, his metabolism going and lends the capacity to enjoy guiltless indulgence.

Defying the “fit foodie” oxymoron, Anthony shares the low-down on how he stays lean while still running his mouthwatering blog.


Credits to photographer: Vivian Chang | Instagram

Where do you work out? 

I’m an absolute F45 fanatic, so it’s no surprise that I do all of my training at F45 over at Wong Chuk Hang. The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) focuses on functional movement and I’ve never come across a more effective workout! I also walk about 15 kilometers every day, so I get plenty of fresh air and scenery around Hong Kong.

What’s your workout routine for summer?

I get up at 5:30AM and head over to the studio to kick off the day with a bang. It’s so much easier to do in the summer, and it’s beautiful to watch the sun rise as I’m heading to the studio. I smash out a session and then normally hang around for a while to encourage others. The beautiful thing about F45 is that no two days are ever the same, so Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it’s all about the cardio. Tuesdays and Thursdays are for resistance training, so it’s heavy lifting (as heavy as I can) and the weekend is usually a super circuit – a mix of resistance and cardio. I train every day.

What are your diet secrets?

I have a pretty well-balanced diet at the best of times, but I’m also super disciplined. I know exactly what my Base Metabolic Rate is (BMR) and how many calories I need to consume daily.I’m a bit of a geek with this stuff and keep a track of what I eat, keeping my daily carbohydrates intake under 30%!I’ve also limited my red meat intake to only once a week, but I eat a huge amount of fish as my primary source of protein.I also am partial to a foodie blowout every now and then. Having a popular food blog as a hobby means that I get to indulge every once in a while… But I always pay the penalty with an extra couple of sessions to balance it out!


Credits to photographer: Vivian Chang | Instagram

What have you found worked for you – and what didn’t? 

It’s pretty simple for me really. I can lose weight extremely easily by going into calorie deficit and even though I’m 50 next year, the same principles apply. If I eat more than my daily calories, I put weight on, it’s as simple as that!

What are you craving?

Because it’s super-hot in Hong Kong at the moment, I’m craving Melona Ice Cream Bars; the mango version is super refreshing and at only 130 calories; they fit into my plans nicely… But they’re so delicious it’s hard to stop at one!

What are a few great tips for our readers for summer body fitness?

You have to find something that you enjoy, do it all the time and form a habit. I can’t imagine not attending a HIIT session every day. I love the intensity and the camaraderie that comes with working out with my team! If you find something that you love, then it really doesn’t seem like much effort at all.

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