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Brief Encounter: Nabil Taleb

A quick chat with the male face – well, body – of Italian innerwear line Intimissimi, model Nabil Taleb.

Having been to several Intimissimi events over the past few years in Hong Kong, I’ve received innumerable embroidered panties and lacy bras that – I plead guilty – have been re-gifted to my femme fatale friends, and all received with tremendous gratitude. Then, before Christmas, the brand sent me what turned out to be, without exaggeration, the most comfortable men’s innerwear I’ve ever had.

Who knew the luxurious brand had a men’s line? Well, now we do. To top it all, lo and behold on the package was a well-known friend of ours, French model Nabil Taleb, who briefly lived in Hong Kong some time ago.

Of course we had to get in touch with Taleb, who’s now based in Paris, and during a break in his hectic modelling schedule we finally snatched a few moments for an intimate chat.


First of all, congratulations. How did you get the Intimissimi job?

I’d got it through my agency at the end 2015. The usual casting and selection process.


Did you know about the brand before you started shooting for them?

Yes, of course. I lived in Milan for six months in 2014 so I knew a lot of Italian brands. Everyone can see Intimissimi shops in the fashion capital and I’d seen their billboards. I never thought I’d be on them!


What was the shoot like?

It was really easy. They asked me to play with the camera, it wasn’t the just stand still, like a robot, kind of shoot. It had some intentions … sexy ones to be honest!



Where did you do the shoot and who was the photographer?

The photographer was Alvaro Beamud and we shot in Milan for the summer collection.


What did you think of the pics when they came out?

Ah, it was amazing – one of my best shoots and the pictures are the best I ever did.


Before your shoot did you hit the gym harder? Restrict your diet?

At the time I was doing CrossFit three times a week, boxing three times a week and biking about 300-400km a week. Yes, I knew beforehand that we’d shoot underwear, because it was for the summer collection, so my body had to be ready. But you know me, I eat – everything. My sweet tooth!


What did your friends and family say when you landed this major campaign?

After the pics came out, well, my family doesn’t care about my job! They just let me fly, free as a bird, travelling the globe as much as I do. And they’re not interested in my pics. But my friends told me that it was one of my best photoshoots ever.


So, you’re a top male model in the city of romance. How’s the dating life?

Hahaha! One girl at a time! I’m French, I’m a gentleman and we need to respect all women. To be honest, I’m actually in love with someone … but I think she doesn’t know!

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