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American Express Presents: Substance, Style and Max Dautresme

Max shows us how the American Express Platinum lifestyle is all about experiences through entering his venues.

Maxime Dautresme has a thing for details – it’s what drives him as a designer, and if you’ve dined in any of the restaurants he has had a hand in visually conceptualising, you’d agree that it’s a quality that serves his clients well.

The interior-design portfolio at the firm he co-founded, A Work of Substance, may be filled mainly with restaurants and bars, but each one is completely unique in inspiration and aesthetic: it’s a mariner’s chamber at Osteria Marzia, Haitian sophistication at Paradis, gilded glam at The Krug Room and street-art cacophony at Bibo. Each venue transports its diners, taking them on a journey to another world via sight, sound and sensation.

It’s no surprise that Dautresme’s background plays a big part in fuelling his design work. Having lived in North and South America, Europe and Asia, his life experiences are a rich encyclopedia of reference material, and the diversity of his designs showcases that perfectly.

Just as his memories influence his work, Dautresme hopes his work can help evoke memories. The common thread in his design? People-oriented spaces that emphasise conviviality and enhance human connection, from the thoughtful arrangement of seating to enhance group communication, to the design details that could spark conversation. There aren’t venues meant simply to be admired, these are places to be used and lived in – after all, the Platinum lifestyle isn’t just about beauty and an experience worth envying, it’s about living life to the max, giving in to enjoyment and, once in a while, letting go completely and being transported some place extraordinary.

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