A GiftIt's been quite a year here at Prestige. We bade reluctant farewells to some loved and familiar faces while welcoming new blood into the magazine. We celebrated a major milestone (our Crystal anniversary) with a huge bash, renewed ol

MOST OF US in Hong Kong welcome the winter months and the respite they offer from the city's constant heat and humidity, but for us at Prestige, the infinitesimal drop in temperature only puts us in the mood for hotter things.And where in the wor

Soul FoodThere's a science to something as uncomplicated and common as the act of eating together. Sharing a meal is one of the few social conventions that transcends cultures, eras and people of all demographics and backgrounds. The editors of

You haven't really made it until you've got a postage stamp with your likeness upon it. So I guess Siwon Choi, the K-Pop star and actor who covers this month's issue, has made it, in China at least, where the stamp was produced.

Sometimes, it feels good to be bad. And so we thought a lot about renegades this issue – the rule-breakers and change-makers that have shaped the world into what it is today.We started with this month's cover star, Rose McGowan, who made he

The Art of TravelWe don't have to be rich or go to the ends of the earth to travel well. Our most memorable expeditions may often be the simplest and most humble, because though it may be exhilarating to swim with sharks, trek across the Sahara,

Cheers, and thank youHere at Prestige, we're all about celebrating the very best in life. From the most well-designed, modern threads and the painstakingly crafted timepieces and jewellery, to the ultra-luxe beauty treats and the most exclusive

Unlike a surprisingly substantial number of our current team, I wasn't part of the Prestige Hong Kong staff when the magazine launched in 2005, but I was already a reader. I bought the inaugural issue off the newsstand, and that same copy sits on my

Turning 50It is past midnight in Paris, and I'm staring out of my hotel window over the quiet Rue Cambon while writing this letter. The TV is on with relentless news coverage of China's stock market crash, Greece's debt crisis,

Actor Adrien Brody, who is a not-infrequent visitor to these shores, has always struck us as being one of the more urbane , intelligent and yet approachable denizens of that amorphous realm we call Hollywood. He sprang to our attention some 13 years ago wi