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Set to Stun

Cartier’s Étourdissant High Jewellery collection dazzles and delights

The glittering azure sea sparkles in the sunlight, lapping against ochre shores and a coast lined with verdant trees. This can only be the French Riviera. And only a setting so captivatingly beautiful could be the inspiration behind the Étourdissant Cartier High Jewellery collection.

The range is packed with only the best stones, which Cartier has scoured the world to find. And only the most brilliant, radiant hues have found their way into this collection which, when gathered together, blazes like a sparkling fireworks display.

Cartier’s legacy of master craftsmanship and boundless curiosity comes to the fore with the Nagpur necklace, which is the result of almost 2,000 hours of meticulous work. Made from platinum, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds – including two Colombian emeralds totalling 60.31 carats – the necklace is a collection of some of the world’s most striking stones. The piece is also the latest example of the maison’s famous Tutti Frutti style.

On the Sybille headband, glistening pearls are framed by dazzling brilliant-cut diamonds. This delicate piece harks back to the bejewelled headbands of the early 20th century while remaining true to Cartier’s sleek and contemporary style.

The Sindura bracelet is a kaleidoscopic, psychedelic masterpiece. Red and black circles, squares, hexagons and triangles are mixed to create a striking masterpiece that would be the talking point of any gala ball.

The Blue Arabica choker necklace clusters sapphires, aquamarines and diamonds together into what appears to be a blooming bunch of berries. Seemingly full to bursting with fruity juices, such sumptuous creations have long been a hallmark of Cartier, harking back to its days under the influence of Jeanne Toussaint ­– lover and muse to Louis Cartier.

The maison’s century-old history of creating timepieces lives on with the mystery clocks – a spellbinding collection of mechanical masterworks. Appearing weightless and unlinked to inner movements, this enigmatic horological family continues to seduce collectors and connoisseurs alike.