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Putting the glitter in glitterati, columnist Cece Wynn attends a sparkling soirée in honour of up-and-coming Rock Vault jewellery designers

The only thing that shined brighter than the diamonds at this year’s Ignite Inspiration exhibition was the star-studded talent. I’ve never been one to turn down an invite to a diamond-decked celebration, but when I arrived at the event, which heralded the collaboration between Hearts On Fire, Stephen Webster and the British Fashion Council’s Rock Vault initiative, I think my jaw may have landed on the floor.
The Rock Vault, which nurtures emerging jewellery designers such as Alice Cicolini, Imogen Belfield, Jacqueline Cullen, Jo Hayes Ward and Tomasz Donocik, has been touring throughout Asia, dazzling the continent with one-of-a-kind masterpieces divined from exquisite Hearts On Fire diamonds. Known for their perfectly symmetrical pattern of eight hearts and eight arrows, these breathtakingly brilliant diamonds became the muses for these fresh-faced designers’ extraordinary creations.
Imaginations ran wild and each of the protégés took Hearts On Fire’s call to “ignite something” to heart. Alice Cicolini’s lotus-inspired teardrop pendants evoked a sense of Zen-like serenity and sophistication while Imogen Belfield and Jacqueline Cullen embedded diamonds into punk-rock triangles reminiscent of Webster’s edgy designs. Using a sculptural honeycomb surface, Jo Hayes Ward played with the relationship between light and shadow, as did Tomasz Donocik, who created multidimensional bubble-like jewels.
Curated by Stephen Webster and launched in 2012, the Rock Vault initiative showcases its young talent at high profile events across the globe. The next stop on this glittering tour is Shanghai, where the designers will also have the opportunity to visit a diamond factory while pow-wowing with experienced artisans. I can only hope I’ll snag an invite to that event as well. After all, I’ve got a Christmas list to start cultivating.
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