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Cartier presents: the Amulette de Cartier collection.

Cartier is a name that hardly needs any introduction, it surely being one of the most renowned and storied jewellers in the world – if not the most renowned. This summer, the French maison has introduced the 27-piece Amulette de Cartier collection, which features a series of beautiful lucky charms – amulets – that are said to bestow certain lucky attributes on the wearer. Ancient civilisations sought to encapsulate mystical powers attributed to gems and other natural substances by incorporating them into items of jeweller; Cartier brings new life to this venerable tradition with this collection that features malachite, opal, mother-of-pearl, carnelian, chrysoprase, onyx and lapis lazuli, each stone bringing its own, unique promise to the wearer. And it’s not just gemstones. Amulette de Cartier also includes exquisite pieces made from guilloché gold and snakewood that add an extra dimension of mystery to the range. Take, for example, the malachite charm: it is said to bring the wearer – especially travellers – luck, leading them on auspicious journeys.

To celebrate the launch of the Amulette de Cartier collection, Hong Kong has its very own website – The jeweller has created this interactive encounter in partnership with some of the best illustrators in the city: Pirate, Kitty N. Wong, Lio Beardsley, Wendy Tang and Mickco were invited to come up with illustrations that best characterise the pieces in the collection and the qualities that they embody. Those visiting the website can themselves design an animated picture that expresses their own desires. And through the many facets of social media ♯ is the chance to create a personalised and unique print that will be treasured for eternity – much like the jewellery pieces themselves. Participants can share the experience #AmulettedeCartier, then collect a postcard featuring a still-life version of their own creation, with their name printed below.