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Linda Farrow opens its first store in Hong Kong

We meet Simon Jablon, the man behind the cult eyewear brand and the son of the label’s founder.

What does carrying on your mother’s legacy mean to you? How does it drive the direction of the brand?

It means everything, she is the fulcrum of the brand setting in place our DNA and brand persona. We are so lucky to have that and a platform to build the brand on.

How do you maintain the original DNA of the brand that your mother started while keeping the designs and feel of the brand fresh?

It’s easy. We do not harp on our heritage. We have it, but my mother’s vision was fashion and being progressive. We are always looking forward and trying to create something new. We think “The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence”.

A pair of Linda Farrow 24k gold sunglasses

I understand that you are quite hands on with the brand. Can you tell me a bit about your creative process?

It’s hard to explain in a formatted way. I’m quite ad hoc in my approach. I guess I start with the character and the season setting. Linda Farrow is our character, and we create a mood around her as in a place, a colour palette, everything really – it can be abstract or literal. We pull all this together to create a vision and a setting around Linda Farrow and then the scene is set. We can create from there. And when I say create, I feel that the essence is so clear we could create anything to sit within the world we have created.

You have collaborated with many successful designers. How do you select them?

Three clear factors. One, we must love their work. If we are fans of their work, then we can do this with integrity. Two, they have something unique. We will not create generic products for the sake of it. Our clients are too smart to be passed off with lazy designs. Three, we must connect and have a good relationship with the designers. Life is too short to work with people you do not get along with. Also if there is no connection the creativity does not flow.

What do you like about Hong Kong and why did you decide to enter the Hong Kong market with a shop at ifc?

I love Hong Kong, it’s a home from home for me. I have a number of good friends there so there is never a slow moment. There’s great shopping and food. But I think for me it’s the energy. There is an energy that you feel anything can be achieved. It talks to my soul. I’m a man of action and like to get things done. Hong Kong is a place where things happen.

The 18K collection essentially blends jewellery with sunglasses. Can you tell me more about how you came up with it?

It’s Linda Farrow in essence, as we always strive to push boundaries in creativity and quality. So for a luxury brand this is the finest of materials that can be used, so we are using them. What else would you expect from Linda Farrow?