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Digital Revolution

Fendi breaks new ground with its innovative website

Someone we know had a little facelift this past week, and as far as we can tell, the result is fabulous. We’re talking about Fendi, the all-new digital sphere of the Italian fashion house known for its furs and baguettes (handbags, we mean).

Described by the brand as “an emotional redesign”, the new portal is the perfect place to loose oneself in elegant Fendi imagery, from look book images that are “alive” and in motion to short cinematic projects. The Pre Fall 2013 video, which is unveiled right on the landing page, is particularly arresting, we might add.

The site slides horizontally — it’s supposed to act like a walk-through of an art gallery — and is dynamic, intuitive and easy to navigate. There are altogether five dedicated sub-sections that make up the Fendi universe. WHAT’S NEW keeps you up-to-date with all of Fendi’s latest openings, collaborations and campaigns. COLLECTIONS is an interactive realm where you can give new garments and accessories a once over. ICONS tell the story of the passion and savoir faire that goes into favourites such as the Selleria bag. THE MAGIC OF FENDI is the site’s video room, and lastly, the improved STORE LOCATOR will get you out and spending in no time.

Check back often because Fendi promises to showcase its cinematic flair with new videos posted each month.