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Chanel’s spring/summer 2017 collection

Tech might have been the gimmick this season, but wearable, youthful clothes are what stood out.

We all know that Karl Lagerfeld is an early adopter of fashionable technology: from his collection of iPods to his rose-gold iWatch, the designer loves his gadgets. He’s also known to send long faxes to his fabulous friends. This dichotomy between high tech and tradition, wire cables and needle and thread, was in full display at the Chanel spring/summer 2017 show.

The set featured gargantuan data centers and servers the likes of which companies like Google and Amazon have built in no man’s lands around the world. The show opened with two impeccable skirt suits – one in black, the other in white – worn by models whose faces were covered in Daft Punk-like robot masks. The digital theme continued in the colorful pixelated prints; tweed jackets whose workmanship recreated microchips and wires; and bags featuring light displays. Models sported baseball caps worn sideways and classic Chanel ballerina flats, but in silver. Synthetic-looking fabrics and shiny textures were in keeping with the high-tech gimmick but among the more literal iterations of the theme, what stood out were the timeless Chanel wardrobe staples that this time around had a much more youthful attitude than in previous seasons.