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Maiden Italy

A quick chat with designer Narcisa Pheres about a few of her favourite Italian things.

Narcisa Pheres is a reflection of her eponymous brand; bright, beautiful, colourful, stylish, sexy and full of character. With her exquisite menswear donned by the most debonair men in the world (it’s available at Lane Crawford), in recent years she’s ventured into the world of womenswear and accessories too.

Between global travels doing trunk shows, pop-ups and previews of her latest line, we grabbed the lady herself for a quick byte and vino (she stocks the best red in the city, don’t you know). We chat what’s hot and what’s not before she’s off on her next adventure.

Tell us about Italy – your favourite boutiques to shop in?

I love Via Montenapoleone in Milan and I love all the little shops in Firenze. The beautiful thing about Italy is that you can find little stores with relatively unknown small labels but very original designs in many places. Don’t just visit the super touristic areas of the city. I still like to shop mostly at Fendi and Prada stores in Milan, I always pass by Rinascente. In Como, Veneto or Firenze I always look for artisanal leather goods. I work with many Italian artisans so instead of going to the big stores, I’d rather go straight to the small atelier and have everything made-to-order, with my own original designs.

Where do you love to eat?

My favourite places to eat in Italy are not in Milan but rather in Verona (Veneto) Como or the South. I absolutely love Puglia region, one of the best areas in the South for fresh buffalo mozzarella and amazing organic vegetables and cheese. Any restaurant in Firenze would be good, every little trattoria in the South would be delicious. I love the restaurant in the garden of Palazzo Murat on Amalfi coast, in Positano (amazing pear risotto, al fresco dinning and great wine selection). In Milan I like I Luogo Di Aimo e Nadia (Tuscan cuisine) and for a relaxing afternoon or early evening outdoor drinks I like the light food and wines at Bulgari.

Which Italian wines are you drinking this year?

I love Barolo and definitely my love is Amarone. My favorite thing to do every summer is to go to Verona, listen to the Opera in the old roman open arenas, try the most amazing food and Veneto wines and explore the area. The lakes in the area are simply gorgeous, drive up to Como, have a beautiful lunch or dinner overlooking the lake on the terrace of the 16th century Vila D’Este or take the boat for an amazing scenery up to Bellagio and have dinner at the beautiful lakefront Villa Serbelloni.

What’s your advice for menswear this season?

It’s all about light texture, colours, prints, oversized pants, bomber jackets. Even grey is very much in! White, light blue, lots of prints (Chinoiserie) and green is back in a big way. From my travels in Europe, patterns on patterns are also quite in fashion this season.

Fashion pet peeve in Hong Kong. Got any?

I actually see a few horrors walking around; the most traumatising to the eyes would be Ill- fitting clothing! I see guys walking around in jackets two sizes bigger than their bodies and shoulder pads coming from the 80’s – but without the fashionable irony. Pyjamas are not real clothes or at least not for walking outside no matter how much you may like some prints or brands. Last but not least, wearing all trends from the catwalk all at once! Seriously you don’t need to display all 100 pages of Vogue magazine in one outfit…

Do you have a shop in Italy?

In Italy, we have our atelier in the South, in Puglia where we do both su misura and ready to wear. In Asia, we have our showrooms in Central Hong Kong, we sell in Lane Crawford and we have a Tokyo office. And of course our online store where clients from around the world can purchase our products and we offer free worldwide delivery.

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