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What to Wear for Art Basel Hong Kong 2018

What is art? What is fashion? What happens when both collide?

It’s that time of the year again when art and fashion converge at the Hong Kong Convention Centre. Welcome to Art Basel in Hong Kong 2018. In order to meet your every stylish need at this event of very, very, very, good taste, we’ve curated a small selection of pieces that will take you from gallery to afterparty – and all guaranteed to attract only awestruck stares in admiration of the walking, talking, living piece of art that you are inside and now, outside.

Dolce & Gabbana at

A cross between Pop Art and the lush blooms of Southern Italy, these heels pay tribute to two great ever-giving sources of inspiration. Count yourself a muse.

Attico at

This purse is cultural appropriation at its best. But it’s OK, because you’re wearing it in Hong Kong, right? Do it anyway and match it with an item of jewel-toned satin. This year is the year of extra, so don’t hold back.


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Loewe at

This scarf will make you look artsy, because you could very well have picked it up off your couch and slung it over your shoulders to take in some Mark Bradford at H Queens after reading our March cover story. But it’s clearly superior to your average couch throw – made of baby soft wool blend, all 85 percent.


Pushbutton at

Are you cool? If you are, you’ll know that Pantone has declared 2018 the year of the ultra violet. I personally also declare it the year of the midi, so this dress is a win win in my book. Wear it with sock boots, over -the-knee boots or boots with the chunkiest heels and go crazy with the accessories. It’s the perfect canvas for an ’80s revival.

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy at

Who needs the budget to buy art when you yourself are a living, breathing piece of art. If you didn’t know, it’s all about mixed media and wearing this cream cable knit with blue patches will put Marina Abramovic to shame.

Marni at

Clashing, discordant prints work when using the same colour palette. Exhibit A – this Marni dress. Wear it under a denim jacket or over a tight black roll neck. Pair with boots or heels, flat mules even, and you’ll win in the ladies-in-day-dress category.

Marques Almeida at

Sequins, red, a dash of black – ’nuff said. We’re all about ’80s glamour this season and you can wear this in the day (looking mega extra, but who cares, it’s fabulous) over a pair of black flared trousers. Wear it at night with over the knee boots and you’ve got yourself an outfit that will last you all day and, most importantly, all night long.


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