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Hit the Beach in Morgan Lane Swimwear

Choose cute one- or two-piece styles from this New York-based brand.

Stylish ladies have been fawning over Solid & Striped swimwear for the last few seasons, thanks to the brand’s perfect fits, playful prints and positive colour palette. But, we say turn your attention to designer Morgan Curtis’s other label, Morgan Lane. Originally founded as a lingerie brand, Morgan Lane now offers a sweet selection of bikinis and swimsuits that might just be exactly what your summer closet has been missing.

Styles have Curtis’s signature kooky appeal, with strong colours and embellishments giving a unique twist to classic swimwear shapes. We caught up with Curtis for a quick-fire round of questions, to see exactly who the Morgan Lane girl is and what styles you should invest in for your next getaway.

What drove you to launch Morgan Lane swimwear?

I have always been in love with swimwear. I admire the connection people have with their bathing suits; they remind them of sunshine, happiness and freedom. I wanted to make bathing suits that were extensions of your personality, offering something sweet, sporty and classic.

What idea or message do you want your brand to tell?

I think when wearing intimates or swimwear, you should never take yourself too seriously – you should be comfortable and have fun with it. I want my bathing suits to be timeless and elegant, but also have a bit of a sense of humour.

How do you think great swimwear should make you feel?

Great swimwear should make you feel your confidence is irresistibly attractive – they all want you but they can’t have you.

What’s your favourite piece from the SS18 swimwear collection?

My favorite piece is the Lou One-Piece from the Cha Cha ruffle group. The shape and lines are simple, but the details are special and one of a kind. I love the different coloured ruffles on top of the classic black suit and the way it buttons in the back. I’m all about the details, and I am also definitely a one-piece kind of girl!

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