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The Party Line: Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, and… No More

Find out what star-studded parties and VIP get-togethers you missed in the Fragrant Harbour over the last seven days, and get a sneak peek of what we’ve got coming up.

The trouble with Elements mall is, good gravy, it’s mazy, and we’ve got lost in that cavernous shopping mall so many, many times we anticipate being (more than usually) late for any event at that venue. As memory serves, we were there panting to get on time for the arrival of screen goddess Sofia Loren as she was in Hong Kong for the Damiani shop opening a few years ago. She was glorious, bejewelled and be-cleavaged and had that air of Hollywood royalty that the current gen can only aspire to reach. My plus-one that night sensibly substituted her high heels for Tory Burch flats as we both knew from uber drop-off to venue, it’s a good (albeit air-conditioned) mile.

Venus Wong & Derek Tsang at Tiffany And Co.

Venus Wong & Derek Tsang at Tiffany And Co.

Last Tuesday, there it was. Another invite to head to Elements, sheathed in gorgeous Tiffany blue and wrapped in white satin string. It was hard to say no to an invitation to visit the exclusive Tiffany & Co. Diamond Academy – Cocktails. So we didn’t. Turn up we did – late! – at the brand’s Elements store just in time to see Helen Ma strike a pose wearing her most dazzling accessories for the papz who circled the entrance. Showing the brand’s enduring craftsmanship over its 180 years, the Tiffany Diamond Academy uncovered the story behind each Tiffany diamond, with craftsmen at hand to explain how the rocks are polished and set, and stunning pieces on well-guarded display.  The caviar served in the shape of a ring was delish, the almost-Tiffany blue ice cream was… not. The only shards of ice we wanted were the ones dangling off the showpieces.

A long traffic-jammed uber ride back to Landmark, where we got off right in front of Louis Vuitton to set our eyes on the Tambour Horizon, a new smart watch that was unveiled for the first time in the city. We saw many guests who didn’t just perfunctorily pose with the watches for their selfie-ways, but, galvanized by the decent price-point, actually place orders with the house – and pick their preferred straps and colours.

Loui Lim at LV

And then… oh. That’s it. Those were the only two events on last week. We skipped Lane Crawford’s athleisure event (if anyone has observed our Homer Simpson body silhouette, we’re more leisure than athleisure) on Thursday and lost out on watching our fave new-gen Amanda Cheng perform yoga tricks for a jaw-dropped audience.

The social calendar last week was otherwise empty…

…which is simply the quiet before the storm. Next week, we’ll be hitting a private Bulgari luncheon, cocktails with Calzedonia (Julia Roberts models for the brand so we want to be the best of buddies with PRs , as I shamelessly angle for an interview with Pretty Woman) and a sit-down dinner with Corum watches all look fun. There’s a launch of something called “Reach for the Skye” at the Grand Hyatt which has us intrigued, but the main reason we accepted the invitation is because it was extended to us by the always-lovely Shirley Hiranand. Hermès is showcasing its new wares on Thursday – and await some serious industry goss in the next column as we’re off to lunch with the omniscient one, Mona Wong of Moxie, next Friday.

Spread some love and… melted butter on rye bread from Salon De Robuchon. Good stuff.