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The Party Line: Bulgari, Intimissimi, Corum and more

Find out what star-studded parties and VIP get-togethers you missed in the Fragrant Harbour over the last seven days, and get a sneak peek of what we’ve got coming up.

After the well-peopled launch of above at Pacific Place that saw stars and society attend in full force, Swire Properties’ Francesca Santi and her husband Nic hosted a private barbecue on their rooftop. Inviting to the gathering several notables whose names often shimmer on our social pages, all arrived with a sunny disposition. But that night the stars of the firmament chose to shun the Santi residence and rooftop, and a downpour, the likes of which was last seen by Noah and his ark of couples, descended upon the fashionable crew. As the heavens descended, God bless the attendees who were risibly amused by the visibly concerned hosts as the winds ensured no one either under or by the fringes of the beach umbrella were left untouched by the wet hand of inclement weather. As lightning struck, we all grabbed our Italian wine and plates and laughed our way to the penthouse, where dry T-shirts, warm towels and warm embraces were waiting. Cannot remember a merrier nor more memorable soirée – wet designer duds be damned.

Tuesday, amid the expected chaos of sending the magazine to the printers, a sizeable chunk of our editorial team headed to a lunch hosted by the ever-smiling Hong Kong Bulgari team. We have a lot of affection for the ladies who were so helpful during our cover shoot last December where, a dog named Dee (Betty Chan’s adorable floof) saved the day by keeping everyone’s spirits up. We had the most incredible Japanese lunch while discussing many a cause célèbre, including working with a few megastars who will glitter on our cover over the coming year – if all goes according to plan and PR.

Last Wednesday, lingerie brand Intimissimi and leg-wear brand (stockings, leggings, socks) Calzedonia hosted a press preview to showcase their autumn/winter 2017 collections at Foxglove. The dining room was emptied and carved out to make room for mannequins displaying the apparel, followed by a sensual lingerie show at which Irisa Wong, the gorgeous progeny of model Janet Ma and actor Michael Wong, strutted in front of a media-filled audience. If she was nervous or anxious about any of the biz, she covered it with a coat of red lipstick and a patina of confidence while dressed in a tropical print bodysuit and silk kimono from Intimissimi’s Exotic Riviera and a pair of fishnet tights from Calzedonia. Having retained an imperious gaze during the catwalk – reminding everyone of her tall and graceful mother, catwalk queen Janet Ma – the genetically blessed one had to face the local media, who asked pertinent questions such as “What are you going to eat after the show?” What indeed? Pray tell.

Neither rain nor black storm warning stopped us later that evening as we grabbed a cab to a private dinner hosted by watchmaker Corum at a ClubONE restaurant facing Repulse Bay beach. In the din of the storm we saw nothing but haze, but were assured that a gorgeous sea view was out there somewhere. The signature Admiral and Golden Bridge lines were on gorgeous display, while a handful of shivering models posed for the camera crew wearing nothing but swimwear and timepieces. Watch enthusiasts will be interested to know they were sporting the 2017 novelties, including the Admiral AC-ONE 45 Chronograph, Automatic and Squelette in teak wood dials. It means gobbledygook to those of us who look at their phone to tell time, but we (and by we I mean me) are of the peasant kind.

The following night we made our way to the Grand Hyatt, where we were witness to the launch of Crystal AirCruises – Reach For The Skye. A company known for its luxury cruise line, Crystal has acquired a one-of-a-kind Boeing 777 that seats less than 90 people in the most luxurious accommodation on air. The programme promises to deliver bespoke, ultra-luxurious air and land experiences to a discerning clientele. Crystal Skye, a luxuriously spacious private jet, will be chartered in Asia Pacific (at first), and will embark on global journeys offering exclusive options and customised itineraries. A quantum leap in the luxury travel sector – we can’t wait to try it out. Hint, hint to the PRs readings this.

Our last event of the week was with the fine folks at Hermès, who invited us to discover the new autumn/winter 2017 accessories collection at 15 St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, a three-storey house (formerly a furniture store methinks) converted to showcase the iconic scarves, menswear, jewellery, women’s shoes and home furnishings. We were gaga for everything the house had on show, in particular a Mongolian cashmere blanket that was as soft as could be.

We started with a dinner, but ended with breakfast as we joined Douglas Young of G.O.D. fame (some might say notoriety) for breakfast at Fuel at ifc, on the eve of his iconic brand’s 20-year anniversary. He hasn’t lost the joie-de-vivre or cheeky sense of humour and gravitas that many in media love interviewing him for; look out for our chat with Young in the September issue of Prestige Hong Kong.

Next week, we’ll be at Loro Piana, a parade of watch events and we’re planning a glamorous Michael Kors event in partnership with the American brand. To top it all… wait for it… are you sitting down… our first Prestige Hong Kong x Lifestyle Asia party of the year, tentatively pencilled in for October 20. Save the date.

Be the champagne in someone’s apple cider life.

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