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Suicide Squad Premiere

A gang of socialites and models gathered for the premiere of Suicide Squad in Hong Kong.

Prestige Hong Kong kicked off Friends with Benefits – a new series of fun and intimate events with the magazine’s long-time supporters – with a film premiere at Taikoo Shing’s Director’s Club movie theatre.

Prior to a showing of Suicide Squad on opening night, guests joined us for a quick glass of champagne and some superhero chit-chat. Before they were safely ensconced in the cushioned couches, we quizzed our motley crew of characters on their favourite superheroes and their preferences for good or evil. To find out which top model wanted to control the weather and which young socialite wished for invisibility, click here.

Earliest arrival Angie Ng took time to Snapchat the situation, while Ana R went straight for a hot dog. Jonathan “JC” Cheung switched off his Pokemon Go app for a couple of hours, just as Amanda Lui arrived with her visiting brother. At the very last minute, a frantic Kayla Wong dashed in; posing for a quick photo before running into the darkened theatre – and with that, our squad was complete.