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Ladies Night at Apinara with Prestige

Society’s most marvelous maidens turned up in their finery for ladies’ night with Prestige.

Having had many a meal at Apinara, the finest Thai restaurant under the aegis of Pacific Place, and having fallen in love with the owner, Pearl Shek, as anticipated by Stephnie Shek (her cousin, who introduced us), we wanted to do an event at the restaurant, while honouring the fabulous gals who work within the fashion, lifestyle and luxury industry. So we made some calls and partnered with the venue on what went on to be the busiest night of the week. Not only did the ladies arrive in style and stilettos, they delayed their later designer-event appointments for Apinara mixing and mingling and signature-drink sipping. Designers Susanna Soo and Priscilla I’Anson talked shop, Rue Madame’s Ariane Zagury came straight from the airport, accessories designer Kashish Hemnani arrived with bestie Janine Jeejeebhoy, Helen Ma looked so chic in her latest coif, while Josephine Chiu looked trim with her new gym-fit bod. The Shek sisters and cousins – Pearl, Jade, Stephnie, Emerald, Tiffany and Victoria – came out in full force and the merry gaggle took up residence in a corner while chatting with DJ and violinist Olivia Dawn – who met London DJ Laura Ambrose and conversed on all things musical. While some came casual after work, others were dressed to the hilt as they were en route to other designer events that were occurring simultaneously. We’re at a loss as to who was best dressed that night; a toss between stylish stylist Lucia Tait Tolani or make-up artist Alexa See, who wore her fashion-designer sister Melissa Bui’s ensemble and werked it.