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Thong and Dance

12 hot new beauty and wellness centres showcased their finest wares and tears on the third floor of Landmark last night. Check out our sexy snaps before anyone else. 

Last night, Landmark presented a new beauty and wellness space on its much neglected third floor at the Landmark Atrium. The “enhanced offerings” (so said the invite) brought together 12 specialists in their respective fields who have recently opened their retail space at the celebrated mall, which included, among others, Verde Organic, The Artistry, Catch Juicery, Caelum Greene, Airplay and Sheer lingerie.

As guests were swiped in, each store on the floor set up mini cocktail and canapé stations, and fine Ruinart champagne, red wine and Grey Goose vodka libations were in the mix and freely flowing. Beauty and wellness specialists were seen consulting with the discerning guests as they engaged in more than a little retail and cocktail therapy.

Snaking around the mall, just after 7.30pm, anticipation and music swelled as some of Hong Kong’s top models strutted down the makeshift catwalk in Sheer lingerie. Many guests flipped out their phones to record the swish and sashays of the hot mods in barely-there ensembles. Music. Mayhem. Models. Just the normal Fri… um, Thursday shenanigans for some of us.