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Lumen and Andrew Kinoshita’s Christmas Party

The couple hosted one of the warmest events of the season.

Andrew and Lumen Kinoshita’s annual Christmas “linners” (lunch and dinner combo) are a must-attend for the couple’s vast circle of friends and family.

“This is purely Lumen’s party, I’m just a helper elf today!” assured Andrew as he ushered in the season and a parade of Hong Kong’s notable names. This pre-Christmas gathering officially kicked off the party season for many, as Lumen transformed a rented office space into a winter wonderland with Christmas trees, festive decor and a sumptuous buffet, accompanied by champagne and wine mulled to Andrew’s own recipe.

Guests sporting Christmas colours included Benjamin Huang, Michael Kwan, Shirley Hiranand, Rachel Park-Monballiu, Cecilia Yau, Mira Yeh, Francis Cheng, Judy Yu, Andrew Yuen, Vivienne Tam and a host of others who dropped in and out throughout the day.

With an open buffet and dessert area – chocolate fountain included – and designer plates and cutlery, the venue looked spectacular. Guests were asked to bring their own ornaments to deck the tree, which made a collective mishmash of the naughty (naked babies with gender specificities) and the nice (carved wooden pieces of various woodland creatures and real pine cones).  

Indubitably, ’twas one of the warmest events of the cold season.