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Fresh Presents: Ancient Grace

A lucky few gathered recently to learn more about Fresh’s Crème Ancienne.

Celebrities, socialites and other high profile guests gathered at the residence of the French Consul-General on March 31 to discover the secrets of Fresh’s ultimate age-delay innovation, Crème Ancienne.

Crème Ancienne was developed by Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman after he discovered a 2nd-century recipe for the world’s first cold cream, which he adapted and refined to produce the current product. The recipe survived because the formula was produced by monks, which prevented it from being labelled as witchcraft and confined to oblivion. To preserve the extremely delicate blending process, which must be done in a particular order and at specific temperatures, and in tribute to the cream’s monastic beginnings, the key ingredients in each jar – meadowfoam-seed oil, vitamin E, chamomile wax and rosewater – are blended by hand in a monastery in the Czech Republic.

The briefing on Fresh’s star product was attended by Kam-Shim Lau, Christopher Owen, Victoria Tang-Owen, Alison Chan El Azar, Eric Jacques Berti, Karim El Azar, Servane Gandais, Madeleine Arlette Berti and Candice Chan-Chao, among others, who all learned more about the Crème Ancienne collection while they savoured a lunch prepared by a talented French chef.