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DJ Nic Fanciulli’s New Year’s Playlist

Ahead of his set at Yojimbo on January 5, DJ Nic Fanciulli shares tracks to take to the gym.

He’s known for his epic sets in some of the coolest music halls on earth (case in point: 2016 saw him take up residency at Ibiza’s legendary Pacha nightclub), and, after a five-year hiatus, Nic Fanciulli is finally making it back to Hong Kong. On January 5, for one night only, Fanciulli will be spinning records at the recently-opened Yojimbo in Central.

While the UK-born DJ already has a heaving schedule for the next 12 months, we managed to catch up with him earlier this week to find out what he thinks is set to be big on the music scene for 2018. Read on to find out why Fanciulli thinks that sharing great music is all that matters and, in honour of the most common of all New Year’s resolutions, he gives us his top tracks for making it through January’s painful gym sessions.

It’s been nearly six years since you were in Hong Kong. What brings you back?

Wow, I didn’t realise it was that long, but I guess you’re right – 2012 was my last show here. I’ve always loved Hong Kong, so I’m not sure why it’s taken so long. I think a few cities in Asia went through a lot of changes over the past five years, and the markets became pretty focussed on more commercial music, but that seems to be reversing now; I can’t wait to be back.

Do you think there are any big music trends for 2018?

Probably … I try and not really pay too much attention to trends though. For me, it’s a marathon, not a sprint – I always try to explain that to young producers and DJs.  Everyone wants to be a DJ way more than they actually want to DJ nowadays; the focus has shifted from the music to the “celebrity” culture of our scene. I always say as long as the music is good, I don’t care too much about where it’s from, who’s playing it, or in what setting. For me it is, and always has been, first and foremost about the music.

Which artists are you backing for success this year?

I’ve always been a big &ME fan, and I think him and the whole Keinemusik crew are doing some great things. I love D’Julz – he’s always a real solid DJ and someone you can count on. In terms of up and coming DJs, I love what my brother Mark Fanciulli is doing right now, and I’m really into Eagles & Butterflies.

Music has an incredible ability to bring people together and create community. Why do you think that is?

It’s emotional. Anything that generates emotion tends to unite people, whether it’s film, TV, music, literature – all the arts. People feel a sense of emotion, and they feel that emotion together through music – the shared experience brings people together.

What do you love about the work you do? 

I just love playing music; it’s that simple. There are added bonuses, like seeing some amazing places and meeting some amazing people, but the main thing for me is to be able to play music, that’s what I really love.



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