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10×10: Back for an Evening of Charitable Giving

Prestige Hong Kong partners with 10×10 to support some of the city’s most worthwhile charities.

Last year, Prestige Hong Kong was the proud partner of 10×10, an organisation making incredible contributions to local charities with the help of an army of volunteers. All the money 10×10 raises is destined to go straight to charity, and that’s something we can definitely get behind. So, what’s better than doing it once? Doing it twice!

This year, we’re back to support 10×10 as it welcomes three new charities and puts them on stage to pitch for the opportunity to raise much-needed funds for each of their very worthy causes.

So how does it work? Each of the charities has five minutes to win hearts and dollars as they speak to the gathered crowd, before a trio of specially invited speakers will delve deeper, questioning the impact and business model of the charities to help assembled guests make their decision on who to support.

This year’s so-called ‘3 Dragons’ (aka the expert panel) are: Joanna Bowers, Director of the especially moving “The Helper” documentary; Jeff Shiu, Senior Managing Director at Macquarie Group; and Ross Garvie, Head of Infiniti Lab.

While the aim of the night is to bring in financial support, it’s also a chance to shine a spotlight on the selfless work each of the three charities is doing to support those in need around Hong Kong, and if last year is anything to go by we can guarantee it will be a night of generous giving.

The three charities that have been invited to pitch their projects this year are: Free to Run, ImpactHK and Teen’s Key.

Free to Run

Free to Run provides a safe place for Hong Kong’s vulnerable female refugees and asylum seekers, in hopes of restoring women’s self-confidence and physical and mental health through sports and education.

Over the years, the charity has homed over 55 adult refugees and 30 children from 17 different countries, many who have been the brave survivors of indescribable physical and emotional abuse.


ImpactHK is working to create a movement that supports the homeless and underprivileged in Hong Kong, through empathy, action, and kindness, gathering thousands of volunteers in the city and beyond to make the change.

Every month, 30 “Kindness Walks” are held, providing food, drinks, laundry and more for the homeless and less fortunate in our city. The charity is also working to provide counselling, job training and care for the homeless, with an ambition to change their lives.

Teen’s Key

It’s a sad fact that there are still many teenage girls who work in the sex industry and, often against their will, are forced into a life of prostitution. Teen’s Key works to find ways to help them escape the cycle of suffering and improve their lives through career planning, sex education, and by offering support and the skills for them to return to their studies or employment.


Go along to support these three locally-based charities and help make a difference to someone in need – tickets are priced at $1,000 and available here. Event details: Wednesday January 24, 6:30pm at Eaton House.

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