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Give the perfect gift with Bydeau

Jennifer Margolin, founder and CEO of online gift service Bydeau, reveals how to pick the perfect present.

Long before Pinterest and Instagram had us clamouring to create picture-perfect events, Jennifer Margolin was hard at it. Having learned from her mother’s enthusiasm in preparing birthday surprises when she was little, Margolin became a certified wedding planner, pulling together weekend-long extravaganzas where every little detail was carefully planned and meticulously pulled together.

It was when Margolin moved to her adopted Hong Kong home that she realised that the art of gift giving had become an afterthought. It was then and there that she founded Bydeau with the mission to create the perfect gift giving and receiving experience.

At its heart, Bydeau offers a beautiful array of flowers – hand-tied or in a vase – as well as a neat selection of gift boxes, which include treats like gin, beauty products and tea. Margolin’s aim is to offer a unique way to give gifts, one that’s quick and easy but has the recipient at its heart.

We asked Jennifer Margolin why giving gifts is a lost art and how Bydeau is on-hand to make the whole process simpler and more enjoyable.


What is the best part about being a part of the gift-giving business? 

Without a doubt it’s getting feedback from our customers with how happy they were with the purchase, as was their recipient. When I hear how easy and fun it was for the customer to make someone’s day … I can’t explain how happy that makes me. We had a customer write a gift message the other day that read, “A little something for you, just because.” That is exactly why we do what we do.


How did you realise this was the perfect job for you?

I started Bydeau with a mission to create the perfect gift giving and receiving experience by removing the stress, time and hassle associated with sending beautiful flowers and gifts. Bydeau cherishes the old-world tradition of gifting while offering all the modern conveniences we’ve come to expect and love – such as mobile ordering and on-demand delivery.



Why is Hong Kong the perfect place for Bydeau?

Hong Kong is a busy city and anything you can find to make your life easier is a must. When I moved here four years ago I found it difficult to find affordable, quality gifts that I could be proud to send. So, I decided to start Bydeau!


What’s been your most memorable gift order?

We’ve had many memorable gift orders since we’ve started with everything from “I’m sorry,” to wedding day bouquets, graduations and more. But I think one that stands out the most was our first engagement flowers and gift box. We had this gentleman email us ahead of time to create custom flowers and a special gift box for his soon to be fiancé. When customers trust us enough to be a part of their special days, that means everything to us.


Is there such a thing as a go-to gift?

Flowers are always a great go-to as there are so many design options for any recipient. I personally love gifting books – beautiful cookbooks or coffee table books.


What inspires you, and do you have any tips on how to avoid being repetitive?

Everything inspires me! I’m inspired by traveling and seeing new countries and cultures; I love seeing how people dress, what influences them, as well as the fashion and art industries as a whole. To avoid being repetitive with your gift giving, it’s good to start with the basics: really think about who you are getting a gift for and what they like. Try and make it personal for the person you are gifting, and if you’re not sure, something more general with a personal gift message is always appropriate – adding a small posey or dried flowers to the wrapping will always add a simple but personal touch.


Any advice for women entrepreneurs?

I say if you have an idea for a business, go for it, but make sure to surround yourself with a great group of people that you can bounce ideas off of, confide in, and grab a glass of wine if needed!

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