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In this week’s online exclusive, shu uemura’s International Artistic Director KAKUYASU UCHIIDE gives tips on creating four looks using the brand’s new colourful Drawing Pencils


The eyes look soft and gradated, with an effect as if created by eye shadows, but you can complete the look with drawing pencils alone thanks to a creamy soft texture which allows a smooth line that is easily blended to fill the gaps between lashes. My tip is to blend well immediately after applying.

First, define the outer corner of the eye using ME12 Pink or M11 Red Purple and blend. Then apply M04 Purple Black on the eyelid and blend outwards. Feel free to add eye shadow for a softer blended effect.


Instead of drawing a line, create a square shape around the eyes. The shape should be applied to the crease or on top of the eyelid. Lastly, blend for a perfect finish. Try using the Drawing Pencils in P62 Baby Blue, P52 Light Green or ME12 Pink.


This combination of colours is flexible, and you can create other pop looks by switching the three shades. Line the lower lash line with a colour such as ME11 Red Purple, then use two shades such as P52 Light Green and P62 Baby Blue on the lid. Blend immediately as the pencils set quickly with a long-lasting effect.


To achieve this multi-line look, you can use any combination of hues from the Drawing Pencils range, but make white a must to tie the look together and define the eyes. Also, make sure that lines are applied to the socket line, upper lash line and lower lash line. No special technique is required, so women should enjoy the make-up more freely.

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