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Name Your Own Scent with Byredo

A look at the nameless fragrance launched on Byredo’s 10th birthday, as well as three of our favourite best-selling concoctions.

There’s no saccharine rose petals with Byredo (named from the old English redolence, meaning sweet-smelling perfume) – rather, unforgettable combinations of carefully layered raw materials that transcend trends. The man behind the brand, Ben Gorham, has shared his passion for capturing memories through unique olfactory avenues and had his own story captured and bottled along the way. Some of the strongest, strangest and most seductive scents from the last 10 years have come from these moments frozen in time.

Celebrate Byredo’s 10-year anniversary with a limited-edition fragrance that promises an equally new and intense olfactory experience, and you too can give your story to a scent. Each bottle will come nestled alongside a set of branded characters ready for you to select its name: will it be secret initials, a special place, a time of day? The choice is yours.

We also looked back at three of our favourite potions from the perfumer’s unusual line-up:

Mojave Ghost

Taking its name from the hostile and soulful Mojave Desert, this intense fragrance unfurls slowly… hints of Jamaican nesberry, fresh magnolia and warm amber combine to create a deep and unique scent that mirrors its uncompromising name-place.

Oud Immortel

There is no mistaking the bold, brave scent of oud. Mentioned in one of the world’s oldest written texts – the Indian Sanskrit Vedas – oud is known for its uniquely strong odour. Here, the bewitching nose blooms alongside notes of incense, papyrus and moss.


Gypsy Water

Gypsy Water encompasses a mass of earthy, natural notes, nodding to the glamorous myth of Romany life. From wood, soil and fire rises a colourful and hedonistic scent that will transport you to another time.