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Lashings of Style

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the lashes are what frame them. As the year-end festivities kick into full-gear, dressing up your eyelashes is a great way to glam up your look. We give you a run-down on the best lash-prep techniques to get yourself party-ready.

False Lashes

Falsies are an effortless way to dramatically alter the appearance of your lashes. But make-up artist Larry Yeo warns that it is easy to go wrong. One of the most common mistakes women make is to put on poorly fitted falsies that are “warped” in shape and do not fit snugly on the lashline.
For lashes to look naturally luxuriant, his preferred method is to layer on a couple of sets of lashes. Start with a pair of falsies with a thin spine that can be applied as close to the natural lashline as possible so that the real and fake lashes are indistinguishable. He recommends MAC’s 4 Lash falsies. Then, overlay another set of falsies to create various effects, such as flirty-doll lashes or foxy cat-eyes.
Fancy lashes with embellishments such as diamante attachments or paper cutouts are all the rage these days. For example, Shu Uemura’s limited edition lashes from its Holiday collection, designed in collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, are decorated with sparkling gold sequins and cute heart-shaped adornments.
These are fun statement pieces to wear to complement a dramatic gown but keep everything else toned down or you might end up looking too busy. Those with naturally large eyes are better suited for fancy falsies as they can overwhelm smaller peepers.
There is, however, a strict no-no.
Yeo says: “Those red feathered lashes aren’t cool on eyes. They look like you’ve set your face on fire.”
The options are limitless — and easily reversible — so feel free to experiment. With choice picks, you can achieve different looks to complement your party outfits. For example, long lashes with wispy ends create the appearance of fuller lashes, while tapered lashes that are more luxuriant at the edges give a lift to eyes with a touch of sultriness.
The options are limitless — and easily reversible — so feel free to experiment. With choice picks, you can achieve different looks to complement your party outfits. For example, long lashes with wispy ends create the appearance of fuller lashes, while tapered lashes that are more luxuriant at the edges give a lift to eyes with a touch of sultriness.

 Lash Extensions

This is a technique where individual strands of lashes are attached to the natural eyelash with an adhesive to give a set of full, natural-looking eyelashes for a sexy flutter.
They will fall out when your own eyelashes reach the end of their natural growth cycle. Most lash extensions last for about six to eight weeks, but some salons recommend touch-ups at four weeks to fill in areas that may have dropped off. Be sure to patronise a reputable salon with properly trained technicians as improperly applied glue could cause eye infections.
Your eyes will look perpetually dressed up without you having to lift a finger, but do allow a little extra maintenance time to keep them in top condition. Some guidelines by popular grooming chain Browhaus include avoiding the use of oil-based products and make-up removers near your lashes as oil may weaken the adhesive bonds. You should also avoid splashing water directly on your face as this could tangle the lashes.
If you tire of your extensions, do return to the salon to get them professionally removed instead of plucking the strands off as you could inadvertently pluck off your natural lashes as well.
The results are as dramatic as false lashes and are great time-savers during the party season when you have multiple events on your social calendar – these do not have to be applied and removed daily.
Using lash extensions frequently can weaken your lash follicles and cause your own lashes to fall out, so do let your lashes rest for about two weeks in between application of a new set of extensions.

 Lashline Tattoo

Although technically not a lash enhancement technique, this is a subtle method of creating the illusion of full lashes — with the added benefit of having eyes that look made-up 24/7.
This is a semi-permanent eyeliner treatment, where a tiny needle is used to incise an eyeliner design onto the lash line before the area is dyed to create an eyeliner effect. Treatment time lasts about 60 to 90 minutes and results are said to last between three and five years.
For a more versatile look, ask for the procedure to be done only over the natural lash line instead of having an extended wing-tip or flick. The darkened line will give the effect of more defined eyes and more prominent lashes.
Do note that there will be some peeling, swelling and scabbing that will take up to a week to disappear. During this downtime, avoid applying eye make-up or skincare products to the eyelids.
Reputable salons such as Browhaus and Erabelle have trained technicians to carry out this service.
Kill two birds with one stone by enhancing both your eyes and lashes at the same time.
You will have to overcome the fear factor of having a sharp object so close to your eyes. This is why it is extremely important to undergo this treatment only at a reputable establishment with well-trained technicians.

 Lash Growth Serums

Thanks to the demand for long fluttery lashes, lash growth and conditioning serums have emerged as a new beauty product category. However, even though over-the-counter serums abound, experts say there is only one product that is medically proven to give results — Latisse.
This prescription-only product is FDA-approved and “works on the receptors at the base of the hair to produce, thicker, longer and darker eyelashes”, explains Dr David Loh, medical director of aesthetics clinic David Loh Surgery.
This serum is applied to the lash line daily and full results can be seen in six to eight weeks. Do note that there may be “mild and transient” eye irritation, he says.
Additionally, just like Botox, the results are not permanent. Once usage is discontinued, the thickened lashes will fall out at the end of their growth cycle and the new lashes will return to their original state within another six to eight weeks.
If you prefer to do away with the inconvenience of cosmetic lash enhancement techniques, this could be your solution. Satisfied Latisse users have said they no longer need to apply mascara daily, much less fiddle with falsies or use lash extensions.
You will have to apply Latisse constantly or your full lashes will drop off naturally after you discontinue use.


Make the most out of this humble beauty tool with some expert secrets. For starters, it is essential to curl your lashes before applying mascara to “open” the eyes. Popular lash curlers include those by Shu Uemura, Shiseido and MAC.
Ensure your mascara wand is semi-dry by waving it in the air for a few seconds before application as mascara fresh from the tube is too wet to sustain the curl in the lashes, explains make-up artist Yeo.
Position the wand at the base of the lash line and sweep it upwards in a zigzag motion to fully coat each hair strand for more volume. For doll-eyed fullness, run the tip of your mascara wand through your lashes again.
Pick your mascara depending on the kind of lashes you have, advises Yeo. The Diorshow mascara has a lush dense brush for those with spread-out lashes while MAC’s Extended Play Gigablack Lash mascara coats even the shortest and tiniest lashes. Other tried-and-tested favourites include Chanel’s Le Volume to add bulk to thin lashes and Sisley’s Phyto-Mascara with an ultra-stretch formula to lengthen stubby strands.
Ultimately, it’s the quality, not quantity that counts. Limit yourself to just two coats of well-applied mascara as multiple layers will only cause your lashes to clump together and look spidery.
Easy to apply while on-the-go, mascara is the no-brainer solution to dressing up your eyes.
While mascara can subtly enhance the lashes, they will not be able to drastically transform your assets. If you are looking for a lash overhaul, consider other options.