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La Prairie Presents: La Prairie Art Exhibition Draws Crowds

Hong Kong enjoys an edgy display of European mixed-media art.

IFC mall was home to an imaginative collaboration in late September-early October, The Art of Caviar multimedia art exhibition, conceived to celebrate 30 years since the launch of Swiss luxury beauty brand La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Collection.

On show were works inspired by the cosmetics collection, including dynamic contemporary sculpture, photography, kinetic art with audio effects, and an audio-visual installation that incorporated laser and projected visuals.

Two of the four artists and art groups exhibiting attended. Paul Coudamy and TremensS, both French, enjoyed explaining their concepts to visitors.

Coudamy, also an architect and designer, had two pieces on display: Living Cells, a white-lacquered vertiginously rising cluster of geometrically shaped steel cells partly clad in black magnetic marbles representing caviar, a key ingredient In La Prairie’s skincare formulas; and Solid Frequencies, which comprised a glass tube filled with uniformly sized tiny white beads that danced when a hand activated sensors, at the same time emitting a range of mechanical sounds. “Some people do feel tempted to touch the beads,” Coudamy said when asked if that had been a common reaction to the sculpture when it toured Paris and New York, before coming to our shores (Shanghai is the final stop of the exhibition tour).

TremensS, who is also a sound and light engineer, presented an untitled reactive sound and light installation. Housed in the confines of a small dark room, the installation projected lasers against a screen accompanied by sound effects to create an ethereal representation of the caviar water used in La Prairie’s Skin Caviar range. What were his biggest challenges of this work? “Probably making it portable to show and then to easily pack up – the logistics of taking it to four places,” he said.

Patrick Rasquinet, president and CEO of La Prairie Group, seemed positively invigorated by the set-up in IFC mall. “We wanted to show art really is at the heart of La Prairie,” he said. “People can feel the living elements of the beads through the art. But [through the project] I think people can better understand where we come from – our heritage and what we stand for: this blend of art and science.

“There was no brief as to what kind of art they produced. All we did was explain what La Prairie is, and let them take it from there.”

Socialites and celebrities attended the exhibition and beauty product display launch – more on this in Prestige Hong Hong’s November issue.



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