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Best Masks for Springtime

Take your skin out of winter hibernation with our top picks!

So, April is officially spring. The only trouble is that skin is still in winter-season slumber and likely as dry and dull as an aged Comté. One way to reboot and bring on an appropriate glow is a cream mask. Although these are not place-on-face-and-lay-back sheet masks, they are not nearly as much work as the cakey clay masks of yesterday, which seemed only to sap the skin’s moisture anyway. 

While sheet masks seem to win the argument on time (they are an ultimate lazy-girl skin rejuvenator), Dior’s DreamSkin 1-Minute Mask challenges the norm. Ideal on a morning when your skin needs a quick wake-up on waking up, the mask infuses skin with Dior’s DreamSkin technology to stimulate and smooth cells fast. La Mer’s The Brilliance White Mask adds seven minutes to your beauty routine, but the two-product, two-step system works double duty. A primer contains La Mer’s famous Miracle Broth, with a ferment of algae, vitamins and nutrients, and is used to calm and prep the skin before step two: a gel cream that’s applied to hydrate and brighten.

Cha Ling’s brush-on Spring Mask was invented and named for this season. It has an icy sensation that wakens the skin, and plumping hyaluronic acid adds an extra moisture surge. Madonna-founded MDNA Skin’s Chrome Clay Mask requires an altogether more high-tech removal. A neodymium magnet on its dual-headed device sucks the mask’s volcanic Montecatini clay from the skin along with a host of impurities, and then electronically stimulates collagen and elastin production. If you cannot bring yourself to traipse to a salon, this would seem to offer something close to a professional experience all from the comfort of home.

But if all that seems too tedious, an overnighter can work like “midnight magic” – or so says GlamGlow of its two-step Dreamduo treatment. The first (30-second) step involves applying a hydrating serum enriched with green tea for an instant recharge. Application of a second product boosts skin with green algae and provides an early shot of (green) coffee to ensure you wake with morning pep.

Fresh’s fabulous overnight Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask has received its own makeover and can now be found in a porcelain jar chic enough for the bedside table. Its rejuvenating blend of peony and liquorice-root extracts and vitamin C glucoside remains (luckily for its faithful fans) unchanged and can be used to brighten twice a week.