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4 Wintertime Skin Saviours

Defeat the season of skin desiccation with these high-tech skin savers.

Most of us breathe a sigh of relief when winter whistles away Hong Kong’s humidity, although if it could talk, it’s more than likely your face would groan. As we bask in the cooler, dryer climate, our skin parches. Weather with low levels of hydration dulls skin, causing redness and roughness, while diminishing suppleness gives way to lines and other signs of ageing. That knowledge alone is cause enough for frowns of concern, and hardly seems a fair trade.

Luckily science is helping restore what nature takes away. As skincare specialist La Mer notes, healthy moisture cycles are essential for both nature and skin to thrive. With this in mind, its Revitalizing Hydrating Serum delivers two sea-sourced ferments in micro-droplet form to supply continuous bursts of moisture deep into the skin. An added protective plus is that its lime tea concentrate with antioxidant properties guards against cell destruction and makes a bottle a natural first port of call in any winter care routine.

Dior Prestige’s La Crème Texture Riche guards against another skin ravager, thermal stress – exposure to fluctuating indoor and outdoor temperatures – a condition that dries and damages skin. Hollow silica spheres in the formula inhibit these heat fluctuations, keeping skin at a constant temperature and therefore relaxed and at ease, rather like us crawling under a cashmere blanket. The spheres are delivered via a fingertip-friendly glide of protective balm.

In 2012, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to two researchers for work in cellular reprogramming, and those findings are utilised in Helena Rubinstein’s Prodigy Reversis range. A night cream that may also be used once or twice weekly as a nourishing mask, Prodigy Reversis combines age-reversing edelweiss flower with spores of the “mushroom of youth”, Ganoderma. Together, they alter messages that ageing cells send to the skin, demanding that it mimics the elasticity and pull of youthful cells, effectively turning back the ageing process.

Already dulled skin is rejuvenated with the Guerlain’s Gommage de Beauté cleaning exfoliator, a blend that delivers three types of naturally exfoliating acids alongside anti-inflammatory Nigella flower oil. And then lavish attention with Amorepacific’s four-week skin-enhancement treatment, the smartly packaged Time Response Intensive Skin Renewal Ampoule. A dab of La Prairie’s Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare, whose compound is age-fighting and hydrating, puts the finishing touches on a complete protective winter skincare regime – just don’t forget what’s down below. Clé de Peau Beauté’s Body Serum ensures your skin is hydrated from top to toe.