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Mascara Mad: Top Tips to Achieve Luscious Lashes

From application to removal, everything you need to know to create long, plump lashes that won’t smudge.

A revolutionary innovator of her time, Helena Rubinstein was compelled to educate women about beauty, and the power and knowledge it held. Through her unwavering determination and a series of trials and errors, she landed bragging rights to a number of scientific firsts: becoming the first ever to create waterproof mascara as well as the first ever to invent “automatic” mascara in a tube (before that, the formula and brush were separate entities).

Since its launch, the brand’s Lash Queen line has been a hit with anyone who wants luscious lashes, and this month marks the launch of the Wonder Blacks mascara under the Lash Queen umbrella. To mark the occasion, we spoke to Iris Lau, training manager for Helena Rubinstein in Hong Kong, who has some two decades of make-up experience under her belt, including four years in her current position. She spills must-have secrets on mascara application, including why the Wonder Blacks is a necessary weapon in anyone’s make-up bag.

How do you choose the right mascara from the variety of mascaras available on the market now?

It depends on your needs. I’d look for new and high-end technology for smudge-proof, easily applied, long-lasting mascara that can protect the lashes at the same time.

Tell us about Helena Rubinstein’s new Lash Queen Wonder Blacks mascara and what sets it apart from other types.

The new Lash Queen Wonder Blacks contains well-known active hair-care ingredients such as Pro-keratin and Ceramide R serum for lash conditioning, which is a first for Helena Rubinstein mascara. It gives intense and immediate volume with its tailored and patented helical brush design without your having to constantly reapply. It’s also a smudge-proof formula that makes lashes visibly denser and longer after four weeks of continuous use.

What are some of the main concerns for Asian consumers when it comes to lashes?

Asians usually have short and thin lashes, so they fall out easily even when just using an eyelash curler. They should curl their lashes carefully and use a mascara that can  build evenly and create volume.

We hear people talking now about using two types of mascara to achieve different effects, i.e. volumising mascara layered with lengthening mascara. Do you think this is effective? How many layers of mascara should you use?

Using more than one type of mascara can achieve different effects, but the look will always come out too heavy and thick. So I suggest choosing one, which provides all the effects that you want. The new Lash Queen Wonder Blacks gives intense and immediate volume with deep, dark colour that conditions the lashes at the same time.

What are some no-nos when it comes to applying mascara?

Avoid reapplying mascara from the root to end in a short span of time. I am not saying that reapplying is a no-no, but there is a technique and it takes patience. Eyelashes will drop if we repeatedly reapply from the root to the end. The right step should be: after applying one layer from root to end on one eye, wait until it is dry, then reapply only from the middle part to the end – to avoid [the lashes] becoming too heavy and dropping down.

How should we use a lash curler to be most effective?

We should first clip from the root of the lashes for one second, then move up to the middle part of the lashes, then to the end of the lashes. For the final step, you may lift up your lashes by pulling it up slightly. The lashes will curl naturally.

How should you use mascara with eyelash extensions – or should you not?

I never use eyelash extensions since the fibre will go into the eyes and cause irritations and allergies easily. Choosing one good mascara will be enough.

What’s the best way to remove waterproof mascara?

Use make-up remover containing oil and water formulas.

How do you unclump mascara on your lashes?

There are tiny combs especially designed for eyelashes that may help, but we do not recommend combing the eyelashes when the mascara it already applied and dried, as it may cause the lashes to fall out.

How do you prevent mascara from smudging on your under-eye area?

Put loose powder on the under eye area before applying mascara. The best is to also use smudge-proof mascara to avoid smudging, especially for those with oily skin.