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Pola Presents: A Cream to Win Friends

Award-winning skincare brand Pola’s latest anti-ageing cream presents the very best version of you.

With 88 years of scientific research into anti-ageing products, Japanese skincare expert Pola knows plenty about achieving a smooth, youthful complexion. It’s revolutionary, so this is a brand that’s always been ahead of its time.

Pola’s latest addition to its range of revolutionary anti-ageing products is the V Resonatic Cream, which embraces a new area in science conceived from research into facial features that promote favourable relationships with other people. Its findings indicated that a fullness at the centre of the cheeks below the eye line and a lack of sagging produced the most favourable impression to others. Keen to capitalise on this finding, the Pola research lab discovered the retinacula cutis (RCs) in the subcutaneous tissue helps achieve a fullness in facial features, and the V Resonatic Cream contains a new exclusive beauty ingredient, R.C extract, for fuller, rounder skin. With a relaxing floral scent reminiscent of fresh green tea, and a thick, rich texture, Pola additionally found that applying the V Resonatic Cream boosts positive feelings and promotes a sense of well-being.

With Christmas around the corner, Pola has also launched two exquisite gift sets that will make a perfect present for yourself or a loved one. The POLA B.A Precious Spell High-Heel Xmas Set features the star anti-ageing B.A lotion, milk and cream elegantly presented on a high-heel jewellery tray. The BA Grandluxe II Aura Shinebox, meanwhile, contains Pola’s state-of-the-art serum that works to deliver unequalled luster to the skin, along with the Grandluxe body cream, masks and body powder.

The V Resonatic Cream (HK$4,800), B.A Precious Spell High-Heel Xmas Set (HK1,760) and B.A Grandluxe II Aura Shinebox (HK$7650) are now available at Pola counters in Harvey Nichols Landmark and Pacific Place as well as SOGO TST and The ONE Beauty Bazaar.

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