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Our Favourite Whitening Creams

Before the weather heats up, make sure your skin is in tip-top shape. We select a slew of products to restore your inner glow

There may not seem much to celebrate about this season’s grey days, but one is the chance to recharge and reboot skin while huddled at home. Slather on healing products designed to lighten, brighten and banish dark spots. By spring’s first rays, you’ll be beaming.

Glow Forward: Age-old natural remedy peony pairs with liquorice-root extract and vitamin C in Fresh’s Peony Brightening Foam Face Cleanser, a combination that gently washes impurities away while it hydrates and provides light and lustre.

Lasting Light: Part of Dior’s Prestige White Collection, Le Nectar Blanc concentrated serum glides on and instantly illuminates. Beneath the skin’s surface, powerful white rose works to remedy any discolouration.

Top Drop: French skincare brand Caudalie taps the goodness of wine vines for its Radiance Serum. The satin-smooth, oil-free potion is created with viniferine, a natural compound found in vine sap that oxidises the skin, brightening, lightning and bringing back clarity.

Three’s a Charm: Korean brand Amorepacific’s Luminous Effect Brightening Ampoule relies on a triple-action formula that reveals potent brightening effects in just four weeks. First-harvest fermented green tea evens skin tone, while soybean isoflavones regulate melanin-production, and vitamin C derivative Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether lightens skin and restores radiance.

Power Surge: Shiseido’s White Lucent Luminizing Surge blankets skin in protective ions, allowing whitening-formula 4MSK and sakura cherry blossom to work double duty, intensively healing dark spots and forming a protective barrier that stops future discolouration in its tracks.

On Point: Chanel delivers 24-hour care with its Le Blanc Intensive Whitening Spot Treatment. Geranium extract reduces melanin build-up in the epidermis and restores IV collagen distribution by day. At night, alpinia extract kicks in, stimulating exfoliation and erasing excess melanin for a smoother complexion.

Bright Knight: As darkness falls and bed calls, Clé de Peau Beauté’s Intensive Fortifying Emulsion addresses specific tissues responsible for the skin’s surface appearance, reducing damage caused by environmental stressors by moisturising and re-texturising, awakening skin’s resilience and restoring brightness by morning. 

Get Swept Away: White ginseng powder infuses skin with collagen in Sulwhasoo’s Snowise Exfoliating Gel, which also contains walnut that sweeps dead skin cells away. The addition of honey and sebum-sucking beta glucan extract hydrates and keeps moisture in balance as it returns youthful glow.