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YSL Beauté Presents: Or Rouge

The answer to ageless beauty is as rare as gold.


Science has played a huge role in beauty, leading us forward in the quest for younger looking skin, but it seems nature has been growing it all along — in saffron. Having discovered its incredible benefits, YSL Beauté have continued research of this natural ingredient and today, launch an extension of their Or Rouge skincare line to reveal the ultimate age-defying solution.

The use of saffron can be traced back over hundreds of years in medicine, cooking, as a gold substitute in manuscripts and even Cleopatra was said to bathe in milk infused with saffron. Or Rouge, ‘red gold’ in French, is the luxury beauty house’s most premium skincare line and is named after this time-honoured spice.



Harnessing only the best, YSL use saffron sourced from the peaks of Atlas Mountains in Morocco, a place of inspiration for the Parisian brand’s founder Yves Saint Laurent. The crimson pistils of the elusive crocus flower are where the saffron is found, but it only flourishes once a year in autumn and must be plucked by hand. What’s more, you’ll need to harvest 150 flowers to obtain a single gram of saffron, making this spice so precious, it raises the value higher than its weight in gold.

The new collection introduces four enhanced Or Rouge products that already utilise the saffron’s botanical power, otherwise known as a super sugar called crocin. This special compound is an antioxidant; soothing but also stimulating cellular turnover, while firming, reducing redness and discolouration in the skin.



YSL’s newest findings have allowed them to extract even more from the saffron and not only is the reformulated skincare more potent with 20% more crocin, but also more effective with the discovery of crocetin (a molecule extracted before the flower blooms) which enables protection of the antioxidant; offering not only correction, but also prevention for youthful skin that lasts longer.



To add skin-rejuvenating saffron to your beauty regime:


Prepare with Or Rouge Lotion

Use this lightweight moisturiser to plump out and hydrate skin, it will also better prepare the skin for products to follow, revealing skin that is softer and strengthened.

Treat with Or Rouge Cream / Or Rouge Cream Fine

Both creams are silky and focused on reforming and reviving skin to make the skin firmer and more supple. Or Rouge Cream is richer in texture and Or Rouge Cream Fine targets the appearance of fine lines.


Target with Or Rouge Eye Cream

This fast-absorbing formula targets the delicate skin around the eyes with an anti-fatigue complex of ruscus and caffeine to reduce puffiness and dark circles while smoothing out the contours.


The Or Rouge range is available from YSL Beauté boutiques and counters from 14th September 2018. 



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