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Top 5 Hair Trends to Try for Fall/Winter 2018

The cuts, colours and textures to know for the cooler months.

It’s been a long time coming but the hot, humid and rainy days of summer are finally over, making way for breezy autumn winds and cool, dry winter weather. And as the seasons change, it’s also time to switch up your look with a hairstyle refresher.

To find out the season’s best trends, we decided to go to the experts and spoke to Marcus Lam, director of London-based hairdressing brand essensuals by TONI & GUY, which occupies a luxurious salon in Central. So whether you’re in for a full-on transformation or just a slight seasonal tweak, here are the top trends to guide you.


Healthy-looking Hair

After a summer of sun, sea and lighter-coloured hair, it’s about time you gave it a well-deserved break and nourish your strands from the inside out. Luckily, one of the biggest trends this season, is sleek, shiny and healthy-looking locks. Thanks to in-salon game-changers like Olaplex, which has been cited as one of the biggest advances in hair technology in years, it’s as simple as booking yourself in for a hair-repairing treatment. Lam says the technology behind it will “reconnect the broken disulphide sulphur bonds in the hair, which also adds elasticity and leaves it stronger and healthier”.


Dark Blonde Balayage

The hand-painted hair colour trend of balayage is going from strength to strength and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, except maybe a little darker. Lam explains, “Balayage is moving towards a more natural colour for autumn, which will just define the movements in your hair”. For those who prefer milder and more delicate colours, this is the most effortless style to ease into, with very low commitment needed. Start with darker hues at the top and cascade into shades of honey, straw and dark blonde ends. 


Collarbone Cut

A low-maintenance hair length that is flattering for everyone. The hair length of the season is a mid-length, halfway-there hair style that goes from just touching the collarbone, to slightly passed the shoulders. Loved for its functionality and ease of styling, the collarbone cut looks great both blunt or with layers. “Wear it slightly flipped up or with subtle big waves for an effortless yet feminine look”, says Lam.


Soft Rose Gold

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This trending metallic shade is everywhere: fashion, interiors, jewellery and now even hair. It’s also a winner for all skin tones. Lam advises to “opt for a softer rose gold, which is the perfect hue for autumn as it adds warmer tones that are subtle enough to incorporate into your existing colour”. This season’s rosy tint is more multi-dimensional, with both highlights and lowlights throughout the hair, for dimension that looks great even when slightly faded out.


Wet Hair Look

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When the ‘wet look’ hair style hit the catwalk and red carpet this year, we were all ready to put our heads under the shower to get this high fashion look. But there’s more to this style than just water, so we asked our hair expert just how to achieve it, depending on your hair type. Lam explains “If you have thick hair, start with hair that is already wet, and if you have fine hair, keep it dry so you don’t lose all the volume. Then, slick it back with a gel that suits the density of your hair too — soft gel for fine hair and hard holding gel for thick hair.” Whether it’s for a glamorous event or edgy street look, this hair style is versatile enough to keep you going through party season.


To try out any of these hair trends or for more information, contact Essensuals Hong Kong at 2/F, 2 On Lan St, Central; +852 2191 9819.

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