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The Dry Facial Mask Trend Comes to Asia

Introducing the Waterless Skincare Formula by Indie Beauty Brand, Nannette de Gaspé.

Nannette de Gaspé’s Youth Revealed Face Mask

There’s no keeping up with what’s happening in the world of beauty with new trends emerging at a rate faster than a speeding bullet. There was the wave of face baking, gradient two-tone lipsticks, cartoon animal print sheet masks… the list goes on. 

The next gamechanger with a major cult following in North America and Europe – the dry facial mask – has finally made its way to Asia. As dedicated as you are to your tried and tested regime, you can’t help but be intrigued by the oddity, and wonder if it is just another gimmick, or if it’s truly a beauty breakthrough.     

Jumping at the opportunity to get underneath the technology that has revolutionised the skincare we know today, we speak to Nannette de Gaspé – founder of her eponymous label which has just debuted in Asia in Hong Kong.

First thing’s first, how did you get started in the beauty business?
I was a banker originally. I started my career in corporate finance and I was in private equity for a number of years before I was presented with a biotech company which created the technology behind the masks. I ended up investing in the company and took over as executive chair to help them commercialise the technology. I realised the opportunity to introduce this to the market, so I launched my first dry textile skincare treatment, Youth Reveal. In doing so, I created a new category of skincare which caused quite a stir when it launched two years ago in Montreal. 

Nannette de Gaspé – Founder of her eponymous label

How does the dry mask work? What’s the technology behind it?
There are two technologies involved. The first being the biomimetic micro-vector which is an advanced delivery system made up of fatty molecules which mimics the biology of the skin. The second is the dry print formula which we embed into the textile. The formulations are created with natural active ingredients which are then infused through the layers of the epidermis. 

When you apply the mask, the skin recognises the micro-vectors right away and pulls it in with heat – it’s essentially melting through the layers of your skin. The formulation creates a reservoir underneath the skin to feed and nourish it for up to six to eight hours. 

Most of us are curious to know how well this works.
I’m all about efficacy and performance. Our products have been tested on an average age of 58 years to really make sure it works! It’s easy to see results for 38 or 48, but I wanted to make sure that even on more mature skin, our product can deliver visible improvements. We’ve seen 39% reduction in wrinkles, 107% increase in hydration and 23% improvement on pigmentation! 

Nannette de Gaspé works so well because micro-vectors aren’t only a delivery system, it has restorative properties too. Water stays on the surface and acts as a barrier by then eventually evaporates. What we do is we repair the lepidic layers of the skin so it can retain water and hydration. That’s why it works so well on all skin types! 

What sets you apart?
We’re a lifestyle brand that’s focused on delivering a sensorial experience. I knew that the line had to be luxurious, beautiful, and above all, natural. Our products are at least 95% natural and we take properties from rich active ingredients like black Tahitian pearls, orchids, black tea ferment and super fruits. 

The Art of Noir skincare collection

You don’t see luxury so natural, and natural so high performing. 

You’ve garnered quite a fan base, are there some notable names who use your line?
I found out from my sales team that Steven Tyler from Aerosmith uses our neck masks. Drake’s mother is a huge fan; she’s been a supporter from day one. Katie Holmes has used our product before – I actually saw her in New York once and asked her about what she thought of the brand and she said she loved it! 

What’s next for Nannette de Gaspé?
This September, I’ll be bringing out a new mask inspired by mesotherapy treatment. I want to create the same effect without the pain, needles and bruises. And of course, launching in Asia is super exciting! 


Nannette de Gaspé is exclusively available at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. 

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