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Balayage: The Hair Trend with Depth

What you need to know about the French-style colour treatment that celebrities love.

Credit: Chrissy Teigen x BECCA

Style has a way of coming full circle. In the recent years, we’ve seen comebacks we thought would only be things of the past – the 90s cargo pants (Sacai, Armani), the 80s oversized windbreakers (Comme des Garçons, Vetement) – and now, the natural-looking hair colouring treatment, balayage from the 70s in Paris.

Balayage – meaning to sweep in French – is a method in which hairdressers use to essentially “paint” on hair treatment to create a natural, sun-kissed look. “It is a unique system of colour contrasting that utilises a shading technique which produces contrast and colour tone in a blended way to enhance the natural hair colour and hairstyle” says Steve Mather (AKA the Hair Doctor), Creative Director of Hong Kong’s top salon, Indulgence.

Indulgence has been around for over 10 years – but recently opened its new doors atop Wellington Street. With stretching views for the city beneath, spacious environ, and the distinct salon smell of products for “professionals only” – you’ll be instantly transported to a beauty sanctuary.


Before bombarding Steve with questions, he offers a rundown of what’s about to happen. His 7-step client service which kicks off with a consultation that ends with a follow up after care and advice on how to maintain your new colour. Thorough and professional – you know you’re in safe hands.

The reason balayage is so popular is simply because it always looks great on everyone. This enhancing technique produces a natural hair colour that plays with light and shade – adding a depth of colour to your own hair. Not to mention, the entire process (including a precision haircut and styled finished) requires a mere two and a half hours out of your day.

It all begins with a cut. Come with inspiration, or leave it up to the experts. Select from Steve’s personal catalogue of previous works and sit tight. A creamy mixture is then applied in a hide-and-seek manner, coating strands at random – this is where the artist really demonstrates their talents – creating dimension freehand with a sponge alone. Following a short wait under an infrared heat processor, is a wash and toner application and an intensive moisturising treatment before the big reveal. What to expect? Bright, beautiful colour without the brittleness that often comes with chemically treated hair.

Credit: HauteLiving

Maintenance is easy with balayage. It’s true that you won’t replicate the salon perfection that you walk out with, but a few spritz of beachy hairspray is as effortless as it can get. Swap in colour protection products to restore moisture, elasticity and shine to prolong the results. The best part is never having to anticipate the outgrow.

For those looking for a more complete transformation, luxuriate in the private spa and pamper yourself with Indulgence’s crafted facial treatments personalised to the needs and concerns of your skin. The non-invasive peeling, ultrasound treatments, nutrient-packed natural facial masks, and sleep-inducing massages instantly takes a few years off the face and has you feeling invigorated.

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