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Art By The Water

The Fullerton Heritage precinct has come alive with sculptures by French artist Julien Marinetti

A large panda sits on a grass turf near an open square, two French bulldogs stand guard at a hotel lobby and several smaller pandas are scattered around the vicinity of the waterfront — it sounds like a zoo escape, or a scene out of Madagascar.

But before animal lovers get into a tizzy — these “runaway” creatures are actually sculptures created by French artist Julien Marinetti. Crafted from bronze and splattered with paint, they are part of his outdoor art exhibition at the Fullerton Heritage precinct and can be spotted at the Fullerton Bay Hotel, Customs House, Clifford Square, One Fullerton and Merlion Park from now till January 24.

Presented by Galeries Bartoux Singapore, the quirky figurines such as the bulldog statue Doggy John and panda are among the pop artist’s iconic works and have previously been presented in places like China and London, as well as in monumental form in Paris and New York.

Apart from Marinetti’s vivid-hued sculptures, the Fullerton Heritage precinct also plays host to Möbius Titled: Pulse, an exhibition showcasing Impressionist-styled paintings by local artist Juansa Cheng. Her works, which aim to celebrate Singapore’s identity through its “heritage, growth and aspirations”, are currently on display at the Fullerton Heritage Gallery at Fullerton Hotel till January 3. Her work, Heritage, for instance, is inspired by local poet Lim Tzu Pheng’s Singapore River and is painted in shades of gold and orange, while Mother’s Love features bold streaks of yellow and red —perhaps reflective of passion and devotion.

With these exhibitions spicing up the Fullerton Heritage area, art lovers and passers-by are truly in for a colourful treat.