Oon Kuin Lim


Lim Oon Kuin is chairman of oil-trading firm Hin Leong, a family business that owns one of the largest oil storage terminals in Asia and boasts a fleet of more than 100 tankers. His estimated net value of US$1.8 billion puts him in 13th place on Forbes list of Singapore's 50 Richest and 974th on its list of the World's Billionaires. Lim started his business 50 years ago with one truck that delivered diesel to fishermen, occasionally delivering buckets of diesel by bicycle if his truck was busy. Today, Hin Leong is one of Singapore's biggest oil traders with revenues of $13 billion. The company said last year that it will spend $2.7 billion on storage and terminal assets in China and East Timor, while there are projects on the drawing board that will see an additional $700 million invested in Indonesia and Myanmar. The company also submitted plans last year for a $1.7 billion storage terminal at Meizhou Bay in Lim's hometown province of Fujian.


Hin Leong