Jia Chuan Kwok

Kwok Jia Chuan

Pro bono consultant, 27

Driven by the desire to give back to the community that “[gave them] so much”, Kwok Jia Chuan and his best friend wanted to do more than just organise a one-off event: They wanted to use their talents to give a gift that would keep on giving. In 2011, they set up Conjunct Consulting, Singapore’s first pro bono consulting firm for social enterprises. To date, the company has worked with 40 organisations, two of which went on to be honoured at this year’s President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Awards. In 2012, Kwok himself was nominated for Yahoo!’s Singapore 9 award in social enterprise, a prize that honours role models and future leaders. Of his aspirations for his brainchild, Kwok says: “I hope that Conjunct will help to encourage talented professionals to go beyond their day jobs and use their skills to benefit the social sector.” In our opinion, Kwok — who works in the civil sector by day — has gone far beyond the call of duty.