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Chocolate Treats from Roger Fok

Discover chef Roger Fok’s awe-inspiring chocolate creations.

Roger Fok, pastry chef at the JW Marriott Hong Kong, knows a thing or two about chocolate. A regular on the competition circuit (yes, it’s a thing), Fok has contributed show-stopping cocoa creations for judging all over the world, including the 2015 World Chocolate Masters (WCM) Finals held in Paris where he competed as the China Chocolate Master. Intricately crafted works of edible art, Fok’s impressive entries have been met with rave reviews by the experts, who are looking for the best in presentation, taste and technical skill.  We’ve picked out five of his most magical creations.

Back in Time

2013’s Top Patisseries in Asia was themed ‘Back to 1890s’ and saw Fok place 3rd thanks to his incredible steam-punk-meets-vintage luggage composition. Unique details – check out the mini telescope and suitcase hinges – breathe life into this delectable design.

Edible Elements

In this extravagant, curling showpiece – created for the 2012 IKA Culinary Olympics held in Germany – each of the five elements is represented: the sun as fire; flowering flora and plants as wood; the earth itself as metal; with the black colouring flowing throughout the piece symbolising water.

Roger Fok’s chocolate train, crafted for Harbour City’s 2016 Chocolate Trail

Flight of Fancy

A highlight from the WCM, Fok’s Avian Inspiration is an exceptionally detailed ode to the Wright Brothers and their incredible adventures in aviation. From the subtle creasing and dramatic shaded features, this is a sculpture worth salivating over.

Choo-choo Chocolate

For Harbour City’s 2016 Chocolate Trail, Fok revealed this handcrafted train. Precision lines along the body of the locomotive and perfectly brushed cracks on the bridge prove Fok’s incredible talent in chocolate artistry.

Flower Power

Fok and his team spent days hand-painting and crafting the elaborate flowers that cascade across the bust of this ornate edible. Blending the worlds of fashion and food, it’s an impressive homage to culinary skills outside of the kitchen.