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Talking travel with TUMI’s Victor Sanz

Victor Sanz is the creative director of leading business, accessory and lifestyle brand, TUMI. He shares his top luggage companions for travelling in style.

Victor Sanz, creative director of TUMI, knows packing and travel like the back of his hand. Like his brand, Sanz is all about comfort, functionality and style. We took this opportunity to present him with all our upcoming travel plans and had him tell us how to pack and what to put it all into for each one. Click through the gallery above to discover more of the TUMI range.

The Overnighter 

Since traveling is part of the job, I have become quite the expert packer and have a pretty efficient method. When I’m traveling for an overnight trip I prefer to use a non-wheeled duffel like the Lenox Duffel from our new Ashton collection. It has a framed opening that allows for full and easy access. I’m a “folder,” and when packing in a duffel, I put the bulkiest clothing at the bottom of the bag (like pants or sweaters), and pack thinner items like t-shirts and socks in multiple packing cubes. I always place my shoes in shoe bags to keep the rest of the items clean. All toiletries are stored in a toiletry kit (I prefer the Alpha Bravo Riley Kit), and I keep USB cords together in a zip case (like our new Camden Slim Accessory Case).

The Weekend Getaway 

For a weekend getaway, I like to use a four-wheeled carry-on like the Alpha Bravo Kirtland International Carry-On, which has more packing capacity than a weekender duffel. Similar to how I pack a duffel, I pack the heaviest folded clothing at the bottom and utilize the packing cubes for thinner apparel items. When I’m returning home, I use the packing cubes to keep worn clothes separate from unworn. I store shoes (in shoe bags!) in the lid-side of the interior compartment—there are three dividers that can separate footwear. These dividers also lie flat, so if I am packing a pair of boots or a high-top sneaker, I will lay down one or two of the dividers to allow for more packing space; I always wear the bulkiest shoe while traveling to reduce overall weight of the bag I’m carrying. I also like to bring a dryer sheet to keep items fresh!

The Business Trip 

After several years of practice, I can pack for a two-week trip in a single international size carry-on and a backpack. I hate checking bags, and will always choose downsizing wardrobe options to the possibility of having my luggage lost by an airline. If I’m going on a business trip that requires dressier attire, I will wear my sport coat on the plane and then hang it in the closet so it doesn’t get wrinkled. I always make sure to pack my earbuds and that I have plenty of power, as I’m usually jumping in and out of cars and meetings and want to make sure I’m “connected.”

The Resort Holiday 

When I hear the word “resort” I automatically think relaxing, escaping and seclusion. The Tahoe Sierra International Carry-On in Orange is the perfect luggage piece for a resort trip. Our Tahoe collection is an active, outdoor-inspired assortment of luggage and backpacks. This carry-on is innovatively constructed with a front-lid loading system as well as the traditional clamshell zipper closure. The front-lid design features a pass-through functionality to the midsection that saves you from digging through your bag contents. I use the front lid for all my gear.

Fashion Week (The full four weeks in four major cities – namely New York, London, Milan, Paris)

If I were to travel from New York, to London, Milan and Paris for Fashion Week, I’d carry our 19 Degree Aluminum Short Trip Packing Case. You’re hitting one city after another, so you want to keep your wardrobe color palette simple and sleek, and ensure you have a bag that will keep up and look stylish. Make sure to bring an outfit for every occasion that could arise, from scheduled runway shows and presentations to last-minute dinners.