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Five things to do in Montenegro

How to best enjoy the Eastern European country — with its rugged mountains and Adriatic coastline.

Aman Sveti Stefan

1. STAY: At the Aman Sveti Stefan

It’s almost a completely private experience — after all, the 32-hectare Aman is practically an island of its own, extended from the main Montenegro island by a pebbled walkway no more than 100m long. Reminiscent of a 15th century European village, the cottages are accessed via stone footpaths and staircases which follow the contours of the island. Sunset views are truly Instagram-worthy from the sea-facing dining terraces, while its spa is equipped with facilities such as hydrotherapy suites, steam rooms, saunas and plunge pools.

Lovcen National Park

2. VISIT: Lovcen National Park

You’ll be treated to spectacular views of Montenegro from this spot. At almost 1,800m above sea level, the national park boasts rich flora and fauna, including 1,300 plant species and 200 species of birds. The park is also known for its cultural heritage, with a number of memorial monuments, churches and traditional buildings such as stone houses with stables.

Our Lady of the Rocks

3. VISIT: Our Lady of the Rocks

This man-made island off the coast of Perast was built in the 15th century by two brothers, who found a statue of Mother Mary and saw it as a sign from above to build a church there. According to a local guide, the artificial island was created by rocks and the sinking of old ships, and to visit, you’ll need to be ferried by boat or kayak over. The main and only attraction on this island is the Roman Catholic church, which is known to attract sailors from far and wide. Inside, churchgoing sailors have leftbehind personally designed silver plates, while brides who married in the church have left their veils or bouquets as prayer offerings. The interiors have also been painted by a local artist with murals similar to that of the renowned Sistine Chapel. The church also housesa mini museum that showcases the island’s history.

Cetinje-Kotor road

4. DRIVE: Along the scenic Cetinje-Kotor road

This one is not for the faint-hearted, nor novice drivers. Named one of the 25 most dangerous roads in the world, this narrow one-lane (but two-way) mountainous road has more than 30 hairpin turns. Totalling 38km, its most dangerous site is a short 8.3km stretch that has 16 such turns. But the view from this drive is simply beautiful. You’ll also get close encounters with animals such as cows and billy goats. It’s no easy feat to manoeuvre these winding roads, so remember to take it easy.

Lepetane-Kamenari ferry

5. RIDE: The Lepetane-Kamenari Ferry

Driving through the scenic streets of Montenegro fromKamenari to Lepetane (or vice versa) is extremely rewarding but it can be quite a long drive for a two way journey. Shorten your travel time by taking the ferry across the straits of Verige — with your car, of course. For a fee of €4.50 for cars, your travel time is shortenedfrom a two-hour drive to just a quick 10-minute ride. Simply enjoy the breeze and the view.