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Hugo Boss Presents: Orlando Ho

He’s his own man, quietly confident, smartly attired, focused – and Orlando Ho is setting the mobile gaming world on fire.

As Orlando Ho arrives for our photo shoot at Ovolo Southside in a far-flung corner of Wong Chuk Hang, it drizzles down – but he steps out smartly from his sedan, impeccably suited, all sunshine and smiles. 

Having landed after a long-meetinged haul in Beijing, he still looks fresh. Ah, the jolly folly of youth. The young entrepreneur is in the thick of launching a new game in which players and zombies battle it out in an urban dystopia. “We don’t have a name for the game yet,” he says, “but it’s totally different from our first one, Age of Quantum. New look, new design. We hope to launch it this summer.”

As he slips in and out of the latest collection of Hugo Boss menswear, we talk shop. “I like to dress up in mostly casual, or smart-casual wear. I don’t like tight suits, but for formal meetings you have to suit up. If we have meetings with distributors and investors, then I dress up, obviously.”

The mostly media-shy guy we see is a quiet presence on the red carpet. “I go to a lot of galas and balls, especially the Tung Wah events. So I’m in suits and tuxedos for the occasion. I don’t have a stylist. I like to try things on and if it’s comfortable and suits me, I’ll wear it. For example, during the shoot, I really liked the blue blazer with the white stripes, I liked the pattern and the design of the suit. It was my favourite look. I’d wear that any day.”

Also on his agenda is getting in shape for the summer. “In my free time I’ve been mostly going to the gym, running and weight-training to get fit,” he says. “From time to time I like to play badminton and soccer, and as summer’s coming, I like swimming. I used to be in the swim team in high school, but a long time ago. I’ve lost all the speed and form now!”

With a model girlfriend, a growing business and work-life balance, the twentysomething scion has his definition of success. “Success is having confidence in yourself; you need to have a vision of what you want to be, knowing the steps to get to it. To work hard as well and be humble.” 

How would he describe a man of today? “You need to have the drive, the ambition, to be confident and brave in trying out new things – and believe in yourself. There are so many voices telling you otherwise, but you keep trying. That’s what a man of today is.”