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Box Office Beauty

We receive golden advice from Hollywood star and SK-II brand ambassador, Kate Bosworth.

Best remembered for 2002’s Blue Crush where she portrayed the titular role of a plucky surfer, Hollywood actress Kate Bosworth is dressed in a simple cream-coloured dress and strappy heels with a bold red lip colour as her only accessory.
In town to attend Oscar de la Renta’s Autumn/Winter 2014 presentation at the Audi Fashion Festival, she exudes effortless stylish charm in person, which comes as no surprise for the 31-year-old is known for her classic sartorial choices — including the two gorgeous gowns Oscar de la Renta designed for her wedding last year. “He is a legend – a master of his craft,” she says of the designer. “His gowns for my wedding are a memory of my life I will cherish forever.”
Sneaking in a chat with Bosworth before her appearance on the red carpet of the festival’s closing show — wearing an Oscar de la Renta, of course — we got her to spill some beauty secrets.
What kind of beauty products do you go for?
Well, I like things that I can get my hands into and kind of work into my skin. I feel like there’s a time for brushes and then there’s a time for getting into the product and allowing it to melt into your skin. So I like things like stains, which can offer either a sheer or vibrant look, depending on how much of it you layer on — I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup, so I find that layering onto my skin is something I prefer.
What’s your favourite lip colour?
I’m attracted to a bright lip, obviously. I really like the Tarte stains, because [other than my lips], I can also apply them to my cheeks and get that flushed quality. I am attracted to things that look very bright in a container.
What are some beauty essentials that you never leave home without?
I always have some kind of lip moisturiser in my bag. And my bag will also have something that is of multi-use; a quick fix. Basically, something that I can apply quickly and effectively to add an extra little bit of colour to my cheek or lip. So much of my routine is that way — things that I can rely on easily.
Even when you’re at the airport, you look photo shoot ready. How do you do it?
There’s always a comfort factor. [When I landed in Singapore] I was wearing jeans and a blazer and I felt very comfortable. It is important to know what you feel comfortable and confident in and can just throw on and walk out the door. It’s about knowing your uniform. Personally, I love denim. I love things that feel comfortable, not too tricky or constrictive.
What is your beauty ritual like when you are travelling?
I travel with a travel bag of skincare products, particularly on a long flight, like the 20-hour flight from Los Angeles to Singapore. I’ll make sure I have a clean face when I get on the plane before going about my nightly routine, which is cleanser, SK-II facial treatment essence, LXP Ultimate Perfecting Serum and followed by the and LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream. I’ll reapply the LXP cream throughout the flight whenever my skin needs the extra hydration. Of course, drinking a lot of water and herbal tea helps too.